High Tide (June 22nd 2015) – Daily Political Round-up

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Govt to clear ‘Tim Mei village’; Ronny Tong set to leave Civic Party; Mainland applications to HK universities slump. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Matthew Cheung: Extra allowances could be delivered as soon as next month.
– Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung said extra allowances totalling HKD5.5bn and benefiting 1.2m people in need could be delivered by late July if the 11 livelihood measures are given green-light in the Finance Committee
– Cheung also said that the Standard Working Hours Committee will submit a report by the first quarter of 2016

Government to clear ‘Tim Mei village” before July 1.
Clearance of the Tim Mei Avenue ‘village’ is imminent as ‘villagers’ were told that the authorities will take action on this Wednesday
– It was said that the Government hoped to complete the clearance before July 1

Political (General)

Ronny Tong set to leave Civic Party.
– Ronny Tong will hold a press conference at 3 today and it was widely expected that he will make the announcement to quit the Civic Party
– Tong earlier said he would make his “last remarks on political reform” in the LegCo shortly before the debate started on Wednesday
– Civic Party’s leader Alan Leong refused to comment on Tong’s move as he was not informed about his announcement
– Meanwhile, Democratic Party’s Emily Lau said her colleague Albert Ho is likely to discuss with other parties the possibility of triggering a de facto referendum on political reform by resigning from the LegCo

3 lawmakers urged to seek resignation from ExCo and let CE decide.
– Former Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Frederick Masuggested (ch) that the three pro-est lawmakers who are also members of the ExCo, namely Starry Lee, Regina Ip and Jeffrey Lam, should propose to resign themselves and let CY Leung to make the decision as to whether they could stay
– Meanwhile, the pro-est camp is expected to meet up on Wednesday to review (ch) the embarrassment of the reform debate walk-out

Ming Pao: Mainland applications to Hong Kong universities slump.
– It was reported (ch) that the number of applications from the mainland to local universities has dropped further as the figures in Polytechnic University and Lingnan University have slumped by 34% and 40% respectively
– It was said that the Occupy Movement and protests against parallel goods traders were the main reasons accounting for the slide