High Tide (June 24th 2015) – Daily Political Round-up

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CY Leung unveils annual work report; Probe into Donald Tsang will end in 3 months; Schools seek fee raise by as much as 30%. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Occupy Movement disregarded in CY Leung’s annual work report.
– The latest Report on the Work of the Current Government was released online as CY Leung briefed reporters on the Government’s progress in developing the economy, promoting democracy and improving people’s livelihood
– Leung noted the Government’s measures to increase housing supply, highlighting that completion of private housing units in next year is expected to hit a 10-year high with about 20,000 units
– Leung meanwhile described the pro-est embarrassment of not voting for the political reform package as a “technical issue” and acknowledged the efforts of the three lawmakers in ExCo
– Labour Party’s Lee Cheuk-yan slammed (ch) Leung for disregarding the political reform failure while his colleague Cyd Ho said the Government has under-performed in providing public housings

Investigation into Ex-CE Donald Tsang will be concluded in three months.
– Director of Public Prosecutions Keith Yeung Kar-hung said the investigation into former CE Donald Tsang over bribery would not take more than three months to meet a conclusion
– Yeung said “technical issues about law” and “investigation outside Hong Kong” were what remained to be done

Legislation on quantity-based charging for solid waste to be tabled in 2016/2017.
– Permanent Secretary for the Environment and Director of Environmental Protection Anissa Wong Sean-yee said (ch) the Government plans to table legislation proposal on quantity-based charging for municipal solid waste in  2016/2017
– Neighbourhood Workers Service Centre’s Leung Yiu-chung raised concerns over enforcement as there were already cases in which people threw waste outside refuse rooms to dodge the charge
– Meanwhile, Under Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan said (ch) in a LegCo panel that the Government will set up a task force to clarify what medical equipment was allowed to be used by doctors and cosmetologist respectively but stressed that there is no plan to regulate the cosmetic industry yet

Political (General)

Pro-est invited to tea party with Liaison Office.
– Pro-est lawmakers where invited (ch) by the Liaison Office to a tea party on Thursday night
– DAB’s former chairman Tam Yiu-chung denied sayings that this is an event for lawmakers to report to the Liaison Office regarding the political reform saga
– It was reported that pro-est Leung Ka-lau, who was among the 28 lawmakers who voted down the package, was yet to be invited to the event
– Meanwhile, an article in the People’s Daily said (ch) Hong Kong does not have the capital to relaunch the political reform procedure and again put the blame on pan-dems for ignoring the “public opinion”

Probe into Benny Tai’s use of donations is not over, HKU Council decides.
– The HKU’s investigation into Benny Tai was far from over as the Council reportedlyvoted in favour of following up on the case
– It was reported that about 60% of the Council members voted not to endorse its audit committee’s report in a secret ballot
– Tai said “there is nothing much to comment” while he called for the Council to make the report public

Rise in international and private school fees could hit 30%.
– It was reported that some 46 international primary and secondary secondary schools (90% of all international schools) have applied to the Education Bureau to raise fees for the upcoming academic year
– 11 schools sought increases of between 7% to 20% while the remaining 35 schools opted for below 7%
– 47 local private schools, meanwhile, applied for increases – of which five proposed a raise of fees by between 21% and 30%