High Tide (June 25th 2015) – Daily Political Round-up

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Tim Mei village cleared with minimal resistance; CPPCC member found owning industrial building with sub-divided flats. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Lands Department clears Tim Mei with minimal resistance from ‘villagers’.
– Most ‘villagers’ of Tim Mei had left as the Lands Department’s clearance warning was issued at 9am yesterday with the assistance of the Police to set up a blockade
– A few remaining villagers protested the clearance with a yellow banner and yellow umbrellas while a mainland activist was taken away by the Police after arguing with the Lands Department officers
– The clearance was completed by 12 noon and a total of 27 marquees and tents were removed

Lawmakers debate on the implementation of ‘one country, two systems’.
– Legislators has started (ch) the debate on a motion moved by Civic Party’s Dennis Kwok over whether the ‘one country, two systems’ principle has been implemented according to its “original intents”
– Pro-est lawmakers blasted pan-dems for misinterpreting the Basic Law and China-HK relations
– The debate will continue today
– Meanwhile, the Public Works Subcommittee has approved a HKD256.6m proposal to building a special school in Sham Shui Po
– Picks of today’s LegCo questions: 1) Hongkong Post mismanagement; 2) Self-service banking facilities; 3) electricity market; 4) Appointments to advisory and statutory bodies

Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency receives 2,362 reports of corruption in 2014.
– The ICAC Complaints Committee submitted an annual report to the LegCo stating that it had received 17 complaints containing 66 allegations in 2014
– 47% of the complaints were related to misconduct and 45% to neglect of duties
– It was reported that eight allegations of four of the registered complaints were found to be substantiated or partially substantiated
– Meanwhile, the ICAC has received 2362 reports of corruption in 2014, of which 63% were related to private organisations
– It was also reported that the anti-graft agency is planning to forge closer tiers with its mainland counterpart in light of Beijing’s crackdown on corruption

Political (General)

CPPCC standing committee member denies charge over turning an industrial building into residential use.
– An industrial building that was illegally turned into sub-divided units for residential use was found (ch) to be a property of a company owned by CPPCC standing committee member and former Law Society President Ambrose Lau Hon-chuen
– Lau denied the charge, saying that his company was only “taking care of the the building’s ownership for the real owner” and the case has none of his business
– The Housing Authority said (ch) after an inspection that no sub-divided units was found under residential use and will continue to follow up on the case

Ip Kwok-him to apologies for the reform vote blunder during pro-est tea party with Liaison Office.
– DAB’s former leader Tam Yiu-chung said the blunder during the LegCo vote on political reform package would be raised during the tea party between pro-est camp and the Liaison Office while Ip Kwok-him said (ch) he would apologise again for initiating the walk-out
– Three members of the Liberal Party namely Tommy Cheung, Frankie Yick and Vincent Fang will attend the event
– Meanwhile, Lau Wong-fat denied (ch) claims that he will resign his post in the LegCo after causing the embarrassment