Reportage: India Yoga Mania

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Indian Consul-General Mr Prashant Agrawal was delighted as Hong Kong recorded its biggest yoga event on the 1st International Yoga Day on June 21. (Photos provided by the Indian CG)

More than 2,000 Hongkongers gathered at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park to celebrate the 1st International Yoga Day on June 21.

The guest of honour, Secretary for Development Mr Paul Chan, Yoga Ambassador Ms Jasmine Wang and representatives of about 30 Yoga institutes in Hong Kong were alongside Consul-General of the Republic of India Mr Prashant Agrawal to share the joy in what turned out to be the biggest yoga event Hong Kong ever hosted.

Mr Agrawal briefed yoga-lovers over the benefits of the practice and presented sets of yoga books to Chan and Wang. Representatives of diplomatic commissions from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Venezuela, Tonga, Philippines, Nepal, Israel, Sweden, Mexico, as well as Vice President (Culture) of UNESCO Hong Kong Association Dr. Darwin Chen also joined the historical event to try their ‘flexibility’.

Other events held to mark the day include a Yoga on the Beach at Repulse Bay.

On December 11 last year, the UN General Assembly declared June 21 as the International Yoga Day after the initiation by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote yoga on the longest day, the summer solstice, of the year.