High Tide (July 4th 2015) – Daily political round up

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LegCo FC passes more livelihood-related items; Motion of No Confidence against Jasper Tsang voted down in House Committee; Rimsky Yuen says Hong Kong need not worry about National Security Law, and more.

Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

LegCo Finance Committee passes 5 more livelihood-related items.
– After two sessions, a total of four hours, five items were passed in the Financial Committee, including the building of new contract residential care homes, Siu Lam Hospital reconstruction, and the first stage funding application for Kai Tak Sports Park.
– Seven out of the eleven economic and livelihood-related items have been passed in the last few meetings.
– Next week’s Finance Committee meeting the officially the last of the term. The pandem camp has promised to pass the rest of the livelihood-related items in the last three sessions. The deliberation for the funding application for the Innovative and Technology Bureau will come last.
– The chairman Tommy Cheung has the power to set up extra meetings in case there isn’t enough time, but the application might have a better chance passing next term, since some pandem lawmakers have indicated (ch) they will filibuster the item.

CY Leung urges legislators to pass ITB in blog post
– CY “The Blogger” Leung was back at it again (ch), urging LegCo to allow the establishment of the ITB.
– The Chief Executive used the convenience brought thanks to new mobile apps developed by bus companies and the MTR, as an example of why the ITB should be established.

Motion of No Confidence against Jasper Tsang voted down in House Committee.
– People Power’s Chan Chi-chuen suggested in the House Committee to propose a motion of no confidence against Jasper Tsang during next Wednesday’s council meeting, and request that he resign as President of LegCo.
– The proposal was voted down in the House Committee.
– Chan suggested he might repeat the proposal when LegCo resumes in October.
– Members of the pandemocrat “lunchbox meeting” had indicated they would back the proposal before the meeting.

Political (General)

Rimsky Yuen says Hong Kong need not worry about National Security Law
– Rimsky Yuen addressed the Security Law passed recently by the NPCSC, saying under general legal principle, actions in Hong Kong should generally be regulated by local legislation, and Hong Kong

– Labour Party’s Lee Cheuk Yan criticised Rimsky Yuen for being ambiguous and not defining what “generally” might entitle. He said he would consider invitations from Beijing to see if he would be arrested in the mainland.

Jasper Tsang accused of making racist comments during Occupy
– A recording of Jasper Tsang making a speech in November at a closed-door event in HKU left the LegCo President in yet another scandal.

– Tsang quoted a “doctor”, joking that the Occupy site at the time could be cleared by convincing “half a dozen Africans” from Chung King mansion to go to Harcourt Road because it would be rent free.
– The DAB co-founder told reporters he was referring to the threat of Ebola virus, and insisted he was not being racist. He admitted the he had been “insensitive” and not “vigilant” enough.