High Tide (July 10th 2015) – Daily political round up

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CE Q&A session ends up in mess; Extra FC meetings confirmed; Linfa (and DAB) fail to impress. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

No lack of drama at LegCo Q&A session as CY Leung vows to clean streets and slams filibustering.
– The CE Q&A session in LegCo was a bit of a mess as it was adjourned right after League of Social Democrats’ Leung Kwok-hung was ordered to leave the chamber along with no lack of exchanges of words between pan-dems and pro-est lawmakers
– CY Leung, for his part, slammed the pan-dems for filibustering, accusing (ch) IT lawmaker Charles Mok in particular for failing to speak out for the industry’s interest
– CY Leung, meanwhile, noted – awkwardly- that the Government will launch a campaign led by Chief Secretary Carrie Lam to clean the streets
– As Civic Party’s Dennis Kwok questioned Leung’s capability to restore executive-legislative relations, Leung said the issue had nothing to do with his personal character and refused to promise that he will not seek a second term
– Jasper Tsang lost (ch) him temper by the end of the session and told lawmakers that he as the LegCo President “needs no instruction on the LegCo’s rules of procedure” and ask if they have had “enough ‘performance’ in front of the TV cameras”

Tommy Cheung confirms FC marathon.
– Finance Committee chairman Tommy Cheung confirmed that there will be an extra 14 sessions, totalling 28 hours of meetings upon an earlier request by CY Leung
– Cheung said, after consulting members of the FC, that the majority supported having extra meetings on Jul 14 (tue) and Jul 18 (sat) while those backing and opposing to meetings between Jul 15 and Jul 17 were a fifty-fifty
– Pan-dems requested the presence of Nicholas Yang during the debate on the funding request for the Innovation and Technology Bureau

LegCo approves special holiday on Sept 3 to commemorate WWII victory.
– The LegCo has approved making Sept 3 a special holiday in commemoration to the victory in WWII
– Pan-dems slammed the special holiday as a “political holiday” while People Power’s Albert Chan argued that the Communist Party “played no role in the war against the Japanese invasion”
– Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung noted that the Government has no plan yet to consult the public on making the day a statutory holiday

HKMA launches order routing and settlement services to complement Mainland-HK funds pact.
– The Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced the launch of the Central Moneymarkets Unit Fund Order Routing and Settlement Service in support of the Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds initiative
– Accordingly, the new service mechanism will “investment fund distributors, transfer agents and fund houses in Hong Kong to process MRF-related investment fund subscription, redemption and switching orders as well as the resultant cash settlement with their Mainland counterparts in an automated and efficient manner”
– Meanwhile, the HKMA held its third RMB Trade and Investment Dialogue with the Australian Treasury and the Reserve Bank of Australia in Sydney with more than 160 representatives from the financial sector

Political (General)

Linfa not proving itself the worth of a No.8 typhoon signal.
– The No.8 Typhoon signal was brought down at around 11pm last night, lasting barely six hours as Linfa failed to impress those who packed in public transport stations to rush back home
– Meanwhile, it was found that a DAB DC member also failed to impress as she mixed the T3 and T8 warning signals up

HKU students petition against political interference over senior appointment.
– A group of HKU alumni initiated (ch) a petition calling for “procedural justice” and “HKU traditions” in face of “ridiculous” arrangements over the appointment of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, which the pro-democracy professor Johannes Chan was tapped to take the post
– The petition also called for structural reform to get rid of the CE as the Chancellor of the university