High Tide (July 12th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Daily News folds after 56 years of publication; Rita Fan on deteriorated executive-legislative relations and NSL; Students to challenge the CE’s chancellorship in universities. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Government holds inter-departmental meeting amid more samples of excessive lead in fresh water in public housing flats.
– Chief Secretary Carrie Lam led an inter-departmental meeting to tackle the quality of water in Kai Ching Estate as three more samples of excessive lead in drinking water were reported
– The meeting was attended by representatives from the Transport and Housing Bureau, the Development Bureau, the Food and Health Bureau, the Housing Department, the Water Supplies Department and the Department of Health
– It was revealed that the Government will follow up on the water works projects in four other housing estates recently completed by the licensed plumber who took charge of the installation of water pipeline bindings
– Democratic Party’s Helena Wong, who has been following the case closely,slammed (ch) the authorities for not taking prompt actions and for trying to put the blame on one licensed plumber

CY Leung: No plan for second term as of late.
– Speaking on a radio show, CY Leung said there is “no plan at present” to run for a second term in office
– Besides stressing on the importance of the establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, Leung noted that Secretary for Development Paul Chan will release a report on land development in the near future
– Meanwhile, NPC deputy and former LegCo president Rita Fan brushed off (ch) rumour that Leung will step down in January and said she would support him if the coming CE election turns out to be a one-horse race
– Fan however criticised Leung for spending too much time on wrangling with the pan-dems, expressing hopes that the two sides could communicate more to try to alleviate the deteriorating relations
– When commenting on the National Security Law, Fan told Hongkongers “not to overestimate their significance” as she claimed that Hong Kong was not a factor demanding consideration when Beijing formulated the law

Political (General)

Hong Kong Daily News ceases operation amid decline of tradition publication.
– The Hong Kong Daily News announced its closure after running for 56 years, attributing the result to years of financial losses owing to the rise of free presses and online media
– Publisher of the newspaper Peter Kuo said the terms of about 130 employees will be handled shortly
– As a pro-est newspaper owned by the Emperor Group, the Daily News was known for reporting positively about the Hong Kong Youth Care Association over its attacks on Falun Gong

One arrest in protest against Article 23 and Putonghua street dancers in Mong Kok.
– Street booths were set up by rival groups in Mong Kok between those who supports the legislation of Article 23 security law and those who opposes it
– Red flag was hoisted by the Police while one activist was arrested later when localist protesters started to target Putonghua street dancers
– Police reported that a woman was shot in the leg by an air gun and was sent to the hospital for treatment

Student groups to challenge CE’s chancellorship in universities.
– The Hong Kong Federation of Students, together with its four member unions and five other unions, will hold a march on Thursday from the University of Hong Kong to the Government House to campaign against the CE’s chancellorship in all eight publicly funded universities under respective laws
– The announcement was made less than two weeks after the HKU Council postponed the appointment of its pro-vice-chancellor which the pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan was tapped to run the post