High Tide (July 13th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Spouse of Ann Chiang a director of Kai Ching contractor; Teachers’ union blasts “distorted” Basic Law teaching kit. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

CY Leung to outline future plans for economic and livelihood problems in trip to Beijing.
– CY Leung said he will focus on securing the support of Beijing to carry out economic and livelihood policies in his first meetings with state leaders after the reform vote saga
– It was reported that Leung will meet with NPC chairman Zhang Dejiang and a key official from the foreign ministry
– Meanwhile, Jasper Tsang rejected earlier remarks made by Leung who claimed that the city’s legislature was more disorderly than in Taiwan

Political (General)

Hong Kong democrats protest against detentions of human rights lawyers in China.
– The Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China organised a protest outside the Liaison Office against the mainland authorities’ detentions (ch) or interrogations of more than 80 human rights lawyers
– The crackdown reportedly started on Friday with the CCP’s mouthpieces blasting the lawyers for using sensitive issues to attack the Government
– About 28 lawyers were still under detentions

Ann Chiang confirms husband’s connection to contractor of Kai Ching Estate.
– It was reported (ch) that DAB lawmaker Ann Chiang’s husband was a non-executive director of China State Construction International Holdings, the main contractor of Kai Ching Estate where samples of excessive lead in drinking water were found
– Chiang confirmed the connection but stressed that she had urged her husband to follow up in the company’s board
– BPA’s Priscilla Leung, meanwhile, led (ch) an investigation in Kai Tak where massive fish deaths were reported

Groups call for efforts to tackle bid rigging.
– Concern groups called on the Government to step up efforts to tackle bid rigging (ch) at yesterday’s City Forum
– It was suggested that the Government should establish an advisory committee on integrated building maintenance and set up an independent monitoring body in the long run
– Meanwhile, legal experts also noted that the city’s Competition Ordinance will be able to address the issue when the draft Ordinance is put into full operation

HKJA: Safety of journalists worst in past year.
– The Hong Kong Journalists Association published its year review, in which it claimed that the past year “has been both momentous and worrying for Hong Kong…media workers faced the most serious risks”
– It was reported that the HKJA documented more than 30 cases of journalists injured during the Occupy movement
– The HKJA also noted that the dominance of TVB in the broadcasting sector “will not be conducive to media diversity”
– Ko Tat-bun, convenor of pro-Beijing group Voice of Loving Hong Kong, said (ch) it was normal for journalists to get injured during the movement, comparing the case to that of war correspondents

Teachers’ Union warns of “biased” Basic Law teaching materials.
– The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union and the Progressive Lawyers Group warned of the new Basic Law teaching kit that was “biased”, “distorted” and “political” and urged the Government to retract it
– The Education Bureau rejected the accusation by claiming that the kit was designed by a group of Basic Law experts with involvements of teachers from various institutes