High Tide (July 16th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Government to conduct lead tests in 10 PRH estates; Six items to go before Finance Committee debates on ITB proposal; CY Leung ‘unpopular’ among high school elites. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Government to conduct lead tests at 10 public housing estates completed since 2013.
– Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung announced that the Housing Department will take water samples from all public rental housing estates, including Kwai Luen Estate and nine other estates that were not involved in the lead issue
– The Government also tapped Deputy Director of Water Supplies Wong Chung-leung to head a task force to investigate the source of excessive lead in drinking water
– Members of the task force included Chairman of Advisory Committee on Water Resources and Quality of Water Supplies Chan Hon-fai, Professor Tony Shing from CUHK, Dr George Greene from HKU, and representatives from the Water Supplies Department, Housing Department, Government Laboratory, Department of Health, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, and Buildings Department

Six items to go in FC before the long-awaited/avoided ITB funding request.
– Finance Committee endorsed (ch) two more items, namely the HKD4.2bn East Kowloon Cultural Centre construction project and the HKD1.8bn dualling of Hiram’s Highway, during yesterday’s extra meetings
– There were six items to be dealt with before lawmakers start debating on the ITB funding request
– FC chairman Tommy Cheung decided to hold a special meeting on top of the extra meetings to discuss whether Nicholas Yang, the tapped Secretary for Innovation and Technology, should be present during the upcoming debates
– The Yuen Long District Council also approved (ch) a controversial project to build a youth hostel in Ma Tin Pok, of which the site was donated by property tycoon Lee Shau-kee
– Meanwhile, MTR chief executive Lincoln Leung stressed at a LegCo panel meeting on the city’s high-speed rail link that the Corp was allowed to adjust the cost and schedule estimates while he did apologise for “not announcing the delay earlier”

Consumer Council offers tips on using self-storage service and hair dyes.
– A Consumer Council report on mini-warehouses noted that charges for delivery and pickup could well exceed the storage fee while efficiency ratio of mini-warehouses could be as low as 70%
– In another report, the Council urged consumers to be aware of hair dyes that contains allergy-causing materials and hair dying products that have missed out warning statement or concentration of sensitizers

Political (General)

Occupy supporter triumphs in Medical Association council election.
– The Hong Kong Medical Association released the results of its Council election, in which pro-democracy Dr Au Yiu Kai, who was in charge of the medical team during Occupy Central, received most votes from the members
– Spokesperson of the pro-democracy group Médecins Inspirés James Fung was also voted into the Council

CY Leung unpopular among Hong Kong’s top notch students.
– 11 students who achieved top mark in this year’s Diploma of Secondary Education exams offered their views on Occupy Central and CE candidacy
– Many of them supported the Occupy movement while some were stopped by their parents from joining and none backed the call for independence
– Chung Yick and Ko Tsz-ngok, two ‘yellow-ribbon’ elite students, recalled (ch) their experience participating in the protest as Chung expressed hopes to become an administrative officer (AO) to change the government form within
– While being asked to pick their choice (ch) for the next CE, three chose Civic Party’s Audrey Eu and two others picked LegCo president Jasper Tsang and Chief Secretary Carrie Lam respectively while the remaining six said they have no preference – none tapped CY Leung
– Meanwhile, the HKU alumni concern group will be meeting (ch) with the university’s Council chairman Edward Leong on Saturday while its student union and the Hong Kong Federation of Students will march to the Government House to protest against a perceived political interference into the university’s internal affair

Hong Kong Police Force named as potential customer by hacker company.
– More connection between the Italian hacker firm Hacking Team and the Hong Kong Government was found as the Hong Kong Police Force was named as one of the potentialcustomers by the firm
– It was earlier reported that an ICAC officer approached the firm on a remote control system that can hack into targets’ mobile devices