¡Viva Libros! Latin American Literature at the HK Book Fair

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The Hong Kong Book Fair has arrived, and the Latinos are taking it by storm.

(En español: El mundo de la literatura latina para los ojos de Hong Kong)

On July 15th, the doors of the 26th annual Hong Kong Book Fair opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This year, the Consuls General of Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia inaugurated the Latin American Pavilion. The Pavilion showcases hundreds of books, writers’ presentations, and poetry readings from the four countries in English, Spanish and Chinese.

“I believe that this Pavilion will help Hong Kong people see the world of Latin America through Latin American literature,” says Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Melo, Consul General of Colombia.

“The presence of Mexico and Latin America in the Hong Kong Book Fair is a recognition of the increased relationship between both regions” remarks Alicia Buenrostro Massieu, Consul General of Mexico.

The Latin American Pavilion presented two of the region’s iconic writers in a presentation entitled “Latin American Writers Reading the World: Alejo Carpentier and Octavio Paz”, given by Dr Mercedes Vazquez of the Hong Kong University.

Dr Vazquez focused on the celebrated works of the Cuban and Mexican writers such as Carpentier’s novel “The Explosion in a Cathedral” and Paz’s essay “The Labyrinth of Solitude”.

Shortly followed was a reading from “Desde Hong Kong: Poets in conversation with Octavio Paz”, a local poetry collection, co-edited by German Muñoz (former Chair of The Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong), Tammy Ho Lai-ming (co-founder of the Asian literary journal Cha) and Juan Jose Morales.

Even halfway around the world and decades after his passing, Octavio Paz, the Mexican Nobel Prize winner continues to inspire.

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Xaviera Artaza
Intern Journalist at Harbour Times

Xaviera attends West Island School, class of 2017. She is the daughter of Mario Ignacio Artaza, who was also a journalist before becoming a diplomat for Chile. She is aspiring to become a professional journalist.”]