Émigré July 17 2015

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People come and go. Happy birthday Juan Manuel, au revoir Arnaud, and hola Santiago.

(Photo: Arnaud Barthelemy, provided by Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau)


Au revoir Arnaud

Consul General of France Mr Arnaud Barthelemy is concluding his 5-year tenure in Hong Kong on Aug 31. He will shift to the private sector and open Oddo & Cie’s Hong Kong operations.  Oddo & Cie is a French investment bank and asset management firm. Echoes of Mario Artaza, who went from Chile’s Consul General post to open Banco Security in Hong Kong. A new trend?

Mr Eric Berti, current Consul General of France in Sydney, will take over as the new French Consul General in Hong Kong on Sept 1 this year.

Two other French Consuls are leaving by Aug 31 as well. Mr Patrick Mansier, Consul (Political/Public Relations), will be replaced by Mrs Delphine Hournau-Pouezat. Mr Sébastien Jaunatre, Consul (Head of Chancery), will be replaced by Mr Régis Toulan.


Hola Santiago

Our beloved Spanish bull Mr Juan Manuel López-Nadal is leaving Hong Kong for his new posting in Strasbourg, France as the Consul General on Aug 3.  Feel free to wish him Happy Birthday – it’s today!

His successor, Mr Santiago Martínez-Caro will arrive in town in mid-August.