Harbour Crossings July 17: IT, Insurance, Taiwan, ICAC

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Commissioners reshuffle; ICAC has its first female head of operations


Commissioner Merry-go-round: Insurance to I&T, Taiwan tripper called home 

The Government has appointed Ms Annie Choi Suk-han (蔡淑嫻), current Commissioner of Insurance, to assume the post of Commissioner for Innovation and Technology on August 19, 2015. She will replace the retiring Miss Janet Wong Wing-chen (王榮珍), who has served the government for more than 34 years. Mr John Leung Chi-yan (梁志仁), Director of the Hong Kong ETCO (Taiwan), will succeed Choi as Commissioner of Insurance.

Choi and Leung, both aged 52, held the role of Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce and Industry) and Deputy Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Financial Services) respectively before serving the Government at their current posts.

Since the Insurance Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014 was endorsed by the Legislative Council, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, and the Insurance Authority, will be replaced by the new Independent Insurance Authority in stages.

Source suggests that Deputy Secretary for Development (Planning & Lands) Mr Rex Chang (鄭偉源) will fill up the vacancy in Taipei.


A woman’s touch: Investigator appointed as first female operations head at ICAC

ICAC has named its first ever female Head of Operations and Deputy Commissioner. Ms Rebecca Li Bo-lan will assume the post Deputy Commissioner. She will succeed the back-from-retirement Mr Ryan Wong Sai-chiu. Li participated in the probes into key figures including former CE Donald Tsang and former ICAC commissioner Timothy Tong.