High Tide (July 19th 2015) – Daily political round up

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ITB decision put on hold; Police rejects IPCC’s baton “assault” decision; Jasper Tsang dismisses impractical depoliticisation. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

ITB decision put on hold.
– Debates to grant a totoal HKD$60m for the establishment for Innovation and Technology Bureau failed to reach a conclusion in the last four hours of the Finance Committee marathon, meaning that the plan will be put on hold again until meetings restart in October
– Pro-est lawmakers blasted the pan-dems – Charles Mok from the IT sector in particular – for failing the public and the industry
– CY Leung also criticised the pan-dems for obstructing normal examining and voting of the ITB and slammed those who did not participate in filibustering for creating the same impact by “raising repeated questions”
– Radical lawmakers, such as People Power’s Albert Chan and Raymond Chan, said they will continue to filibuster in the FC if the Government failed to provide more substances regarding the ITB

Police rejects IPCC’s conclusion on baton “assault” during Occupy protests.
– The Police’s internal Complaint Against Police Department (CAP) rejected (ch) an earlier decision by the Independent Police Complaints Council which ruled a police officer’s use of baton on protesters and a pedestrian during the Occupy movement to be a case of assault
– The CAP claimed that the case of assault has yet to be proven true while a case of “power abuse” is “proven but not reported” and requested the police watchdog to reconsider the issue

SFH releases blood test results of Kai Ching residents.
– Secretary for Food and Health released the first batch of blood test results of nine Kai Ching residents who are affected by the excessive lead in drinking water
– It was said that the blood lead level of the nine residents was normal, ranging from 2.33 to 8.76 micrograms of lead per deciliter for seven adults, and 2.72 and 4.13micrograms per deciliter for two children
– Ko said a three-level plan to handle results of different blood lead levels has been outlined while noting the authorities could only examine about 300 blood test samples a week

Political (General)

Ousted democrat says decision to expel him is “irrational”.
– Co-founder of Democratic Party and former lawmaker Nelson Wong said (ch) the party central committee’s decision was “irrational” and that he would seek to negate it during the party’s general meeting
– Tik Chi-yuen, former vice-chairman of the Democratic Party and a moderate democrat, blasted the Pigeon for an increasingly narrow-minded doctrine
– Wong also restated his intention to run for the NT East seat upon Ronny Tong’s resignation as lawmaker
– Meanwhile, the Tai Po District Council San Fu Constituency by-election will be held today

Jasper Tsang: ‘Depoliticisation’ in post-reform era “impracticable”.
– When speaking at a public event, LegCo president Jasper Tsang dismissed CY Leung’s attempt to turn public attention away from politics to livelihood issues as “impractical”
– Tsang noted any government would need to garner support to enhance its legitimacy so as to minimise frictions arising from economic and social policies
– He also warned of the danger to disregard and alienate the pan-dems as “different political parties – including the pan-democratic camp – do have support from a sizeable share of the public”

Furious students protest against “political interference” in meeting with HKU Council chairman.
– Edward Leung, Council chairman of the University of Hong Kong, denied (ch) accusation that the postponement of the appointment to its Pro-Vice-Chancellor, of which pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan was tapped as the only candidate, was a political decision when meeting with the university’s alumni concern group and Education lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen
– The Council earlier claimed that the appointment was postponed as they would like to wait until the post of the Provost is filled
– Ip said the reason provided by the Council was illegitimate and asked if the Council was treating the Pro-Vice-Chancellor as a private assistant to the Provost
– The concern group will meet with Vice-Chancellor Peter Mathieson on Monday to further their cause