High Tide (July 21st 2015) – Daily political round up

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CY Leung in yet another possible conflict of interest; Mass laundry removal in QMH in wake of mucormycosis outbreak; SJ urged to sign petition against human rights arrests. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

CY Leung in possible conflict of interest – again – in Lantau development plan.
– CY Leung was caught in another possible conflict of interest (ch) as he urged the Planning Department to follow up on development proposals for the East Lantau Metropolis in Discovery Bay submitted by HKR International
– It was found that HKR International has been a close client of DTZ Japan of which Leung held about 30% of the company’s share when leaving DTZ to assume the role as CE
– It was reported that Leung urged the Planning Department to take the initiative to ask HKR International to overcome technical restrictions in developing Discovery Bay and to hold two meetings in April and July respectively

Chief Justice accused of perverting course of justice.
– Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal Geoffrey Ma was accused by Magistrate Symon Wong Yu-wing of the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts of obstruction of justice
– Wong said that Ma set him up so that he was unable to proceed with a complaint against Deputy Judge Michael Stuart-Moore of the High Court, who earlier blasted Wong for refusing bail without giving a reason to a defendant
– The Department of Justice has authorised Director of Public Prosecutions Keith Yeung to follow up on the case

When an apology’s not an apology: EOC Chief makes a point
– York Chow, chief of the Equal Opportunities Commission, took the opportunity to make a point about the limitations of the discrimination ordinance in Hong Kong regarding a case of Chan Chi-chuen getting harassed on the MTR
– Likewise Chan likely knew about the limitation and may be looking to launch a campaign to expand discrimination ordinances out of the realm of business relations into interactions in the general public

Political (General)

Mass laundry removal at Queen Mary Hospital in fear of mucormycosis outbreak.
– Queen Mary Hospital reported its fourth and fifth cases of mucormycosis infection of the year
– Two of the infected patients passed away on June 24 and July 14 respectively while the cases were still under investigation by the Coroner to inquire into the causes of death
– QMH has reportedly started mass clean-up to replace all linen items at high risk ward area with clean linens supplied from Chai Wan Laundry
– Meanwhile, at the Panel on Health Services meeting, the Hospital Authority wascriticised for focusing too much on providing private services, earning hundreds of millions in the process

SJ called on to support petition against human rights arrests in China.
– Legal lawmaker Dennis Kwok from the Civic Party called on (ch) Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen to sign and support the petition against massive human rights arrests in China
– Kwok claimed that, as Yuen earlier signed a petition of Alliance for Peace and Democracy to offer personal support to the political reform package under the consent of CY Leung, he could logically do the same for the petition which was already signed by all former chairmen of the Bar Association except current judges
– Yuen said as an official of the HKSAR it would not be appropriate for him to be involved in or comment on affairs that lies within the jurisdiction of the mainland authority

Police officer in assault case: Baton as “extension of my arm” “touched” protesters.
– It was reported (ch) that police officer Franklin Chu King-wai claimed he merely “touched” Occupy protesters with his baton as an “extension of arm” and that he “padded” one particular pedestrian to force him to move forward
– Chu was earlier ruled by the Independent Police Complaints Council to have assaulted protesters with his baton but the decision was rejected by the police’s internal complaints department
– The Civil Human Rights Front was protesting outside the IPCC secretariat office to urged the police watchdog to standstill on its original ruling

HKU vice-chancellor reportedly opposes delay in senior appointment.
– HKU alumni concern group and Education lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen cited HKU vice-chancellor Peter Mathieson backing speedy appointment of pro-vice-chancellor after a meeting
– It was said that Mathieson expressed hopes to have a full team to manage the university as soon as possible
– The concern group also called on students and alumni to “besiege” the HKU Council on next Tuesday
– Meanwhile, about 10 members from the Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union wereprotesting (ch) overnight outside the Government Complex to urge the Government to increase places for teachers under permanent employment terms

China & World

BowenPress: Beijing planned of Hong Kong deployment during Occupy Movement.
– It was reported (ch) that, at one point during the Occupy movement, Beijing was ready to deploy six army divisions totalling 50,000 to 60,000 military staff and police officers in Hong Kong if situation turned ungovernable
– The plan, as the article revealed, was to deploy propaganda methods first and treat the military card as last resort with consent from President Xi Jinping

World: The courts giveth, the courts taketh away
– Canadians abroad lost the right to vote after the Ontario Supreme Court reversed a previous decision to allow such persons to vote
– Almost uniquely among democratic nations, Canada disenfranchises it’s citizens who have been non-residents for more than five years
– For years, politicians would come to Hong Kong and ask, unaware of the rules, for HK expats to vote – Now they know and are fighting against expats rights to vote