High Tide (July 24th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Jasper Tsang slams “arrogant” CE; EOC chief accused of biased stance; Police urged to probe baton assault case. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

New civil service chief eyes stronger ties with staff unions.
– The new Secretary for the Civil Service Clement Cheung said his first mission was to make sure the smooth running of ongoing projects and to enhance communication with trade unions
– Meanwhile, former Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung toned down (ch) the personnel changes while claiming that there was no need for Lau Kong-wah to quit the DAB to become a senior official since the Government is adopting a political appointment system

Police urged to accept ruling on superintendent assaulting protesters.
– The Independent Police Complaints Council, after deciding to keep its initial ruling that a retiring police superintendent, Franklin Chu, assaulted Occupy protesters with his baton,called upon the police’s internal complaint-handling body to accept the conclusion
– It was reported that the Complaints Against Police Office might be urged to open a criminal probe against Chu, or the police watchdog would consider disclosing facts about the assault
– Osman Cheung, one of those “padded” by Chu’s “extension of arm”, earlier said he did not foresee CY Leung to do him justice, stating that private prosecution would remain a feasible option
– The police have yet announced their response to the IPCC’s refreshed conclusion

Political (General)

Jasper Tsang joins James Tien in mocking “arrogant” CY Leung.
– Writing a column (ch) for AM730, LegCo President Jasper Tsang warned that a capable leader should not be arrogant if he is to hold a team together – a message widely interpreted as an attack on CY Leung after Tsang’s younger brother Tsang Tak-sing was removed from the post of Secretary for Home Affairs
– While Tsang denied the interpretation, he made another speculative statement and said, “The way of doing things by some people nowadays is just …Sometimes I think I would run for Chief Executive if I was 10 years young and see how I would be attacked.”
– Tien, who also mocked Leung earlier without naming him explicitly, also took the opportunity and made a comment on Tsang’s Facebook page, which said, “I always thought you were a smart Legco president, but I didn’t know you were as good as me in [scoring an advantage]!”

‘Languid’ DAB delegation seeks recognition from Beijing.
– It was reported that the DAB’s delegation to Beijing had made a request to seek greater encouragement and recognition from the Central Government when meeting with United Front Work Department
– Not as many delegates, however, joined a visit to Xiaomi’s headquarter as they only had about two hours of sleep the night before owing to a flight delay

HKU Council urged to place discussion of senior appointment on Tuesday’s meeting agenda.
– It was reported that the HKU Council did not place the delay of the controversial appointment of pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan as its pro-vice-chancellor on the agenda list for a meeting on next Tuesday while four or five council members were proposing otherwise
– Meanwhile, four students and teaching staff groups issued a joint statement questioning the Council’s decision to put the appointment on hold
– Education lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen said a petition launched earlier making similar statement had gathered more than 1000 signatories

Anti-LGBT group slams “biased” EOC chief.
– Equal Opportunities Commission York Chow was slammed (ch) by a conservative organisation ‘Parents for the Family Association’ for “taking a biased stance in favour of so-called minority groups”
– The group held a protest outside the Labour Tribunal as the hearing on former equality chief Josiah Chok Kin-ming, who demanded for his contract gratuity but was refused by the EOC, continued
– Chok was accused of unethical behaviour as he organised Christian groups to counter gays in a public consultation on discrimination law changes