High Tide (July 26th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Doctors dismiss causality between blood lead level and intellectual development; HKU doctors petition over senior appointment; Mitsubishi denies apologies to Canadian POWs. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Doctors dismiss causality between high blood lead levels and slow development as 23 children undergo IQ tests.
– 23 children from two out of three lead-tainted estates, with beyond-normal blood lead levels found in their body, underwent intelligent tests
– Three children reportedly showed symptoms of slow development, but doctors stressed that there was no concrete evidence proving the causality
– Meanwhile, Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man said (ch) more than 1300 residents in the estates applied for blood tests and the authorities will try to divert 150 of the samples to the US
– Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung admitted that it is impossible to have pipes with zero lead substance and the Government’s job is to ensure that the pipes are composed of 99.9% of copper
– Cheung also noted that the Government is considering to abandon pipes that used soldering in the future

Joint police arrest more than 200 in anti-triad operation.
– The Hong Kong Police Force arrested (ch) 218 people – 222 according to anotherreport (ch) – and seized HKD4.68m worth of cash, drugs and gambling tools in a joint anti-triad operation with the Macau and Guangdong counterparts
– The operation was launched last Friday from noon until early morning on the following day

Civil Aviation under fire for shielding employee who used mobile while monitoring air traffic.
– The Civil Aviation Department reportedly shielded (ch) one of its staff, who was spotted in June sending text messages on her mobile phone inside the air traffic monitoring centre – an act that is forbidden within the centre 
– The Department later responded by stating that there was no concrete evident after investigation
– It was reported that the employee retired about two weeks ago

Political (General)

Over 100 HKU medical alumni petition over delayed senior appointment.
– 102 medical alumni of the University of Hong Kong signed (ch) a petition urging HKU Council chairman Edward Leong to handle the appointment of pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan as pro-vice-chancellor
– The signatories include several prominent but low profile doctors in Hong Kong
– The petition questioned if the personal opinion of the provost would be so influential that the Council has had to delayed the appointment
– Meanwhile, the Convocation, the university’s most representative alumni body, is calling for an urgent meeting on Tuesday over the issue

Pan-dems hold meeting to discuss post-reform politics.
– Pan-dems held a general meeting to discuss their post-reform (ch) strategies, including issues concerning the upcoming elections as well as topics surrounding local affairs
– The ousted former democrat Nelson Wong, meanwhile, revealed that he was forming a new political group and was planning for run for a DC seat in Fanling South

China & World

Mitsubishi offers apology to POWs – Canadians excluded.
– Hong Kong-Canadians were left out of a Japanese goodwill as Mitsubishi apologised to POWs and forced labour from the US, UK, Australia and the Netherlands and even went as far as to consider offering compensation to the Chinese
– Mitusbushi claimed that they ““have no records and no means to verify whether or not we used Canadians POW in our predecessor company” and that they “will consider [an] apology [to] such people if we can verify the fact and have [the] appropriate opportunity”
– According to historical records, about 1600 British Canadian soldiers were taken as POWs when defending Hong Kong from Japanese invasion, among them 250 died in in Japanese captivity