High Tide (August 6th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Police: Non-targeted coercion not a criminal offence; Justice Alliance forms political party; LegCo issues report on tourism. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

LegCo Secretariat releases report on declining tourism.
– The LegCo Secretariat released a Research Brief on Hong Kong’s tourism industry, noting a decline in terms of visitor arrivals, retail sales value and average hotel room occupancy rate
– The report highlighted the lack of new well-received tourist spots ever since the opening of the Disneyland in 2005

Police report to DoJ: Non-targeted coercion is not a criminal offence.
– In a document submitted to the Department of Justice over the baton ‘assault’ case, Police reportedly claim that the use of non-targeted (ch) force by the superintendent should not be considered a criminal offence
– Also watch Conan O’Brien’s remarks on the ‘breast assault’ conviction

Political (General)

Pro-Beijing loyalist forms Justice Alliance Party.
– Lee See-yin, a pro-Beijing loyalist and convenor of Justice Alliance,announced (ch) that her group will become a political party in search for a ‘third way’ (a rather popular term used by various politicians recently)
– Lee said the party will support police officers in enforcing laws but will not become a B team or C team of the pro-est camp
– It was earlier reported that Lee was contemplating to stand for the LegCo NT East by-election held earlier next year

‘Interim provost’ deemed latest attempt to delay controversial managerial appointment.
– Vice-chancellor of the University of Hong Kong Peter Mathieson earlier sent a letter to the university’s staff, saying that the Council had agreed to appoint ‘acting’ provost Professor Paul Tam Kwong-hang as the ‘interim’ provost
– Dr KC Cheung, a council member representing the university’s teaching staff,worried (ch) that the change in the title is a means for those who opposed to the senior appointment of pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan to further delay the decision to after September when current council chairman Edward Leong retired
– Meanwhile, five HKU alumni launched (ch) a petition against students’ storming of the council’s meeting and claimed to have collected 4,467 signatories yesterday with 1,171 alumni
– Dozens of people also held a protest at Civic Party’s headquarters yesterday, holding a banner with a typo (ch) which was very common when transforming Simplified Chinese into Tradition Chinese through computer programme

Lawmakers spending public funds on personal promotion and irrelevant (somewhat) items.
– It was found that lawmakers spent tens of thousands of dollars of public funds on publicity items
– DAB’s Gary Chan for example spent HKD109,200 on 14,000 frisbees portraying a cartoon of himself on them
– Other examples quoted included BPA’s Jeffrey Lam spending HKD46,772 on 2,665 calendars, DAB’s Christopher Chung spending HKD124,600 on 110,000 printed work reports, and People Power’s Raymond Chan spending HKD6,000 on 10,000 decorative items for the Umbrella Movement