Harbour Crossings Aug 7

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The prodigal son returns: Leung Ka-wing as Broadcasting director.

Veteran journalist Leung Ka-wing (梁家榮) was appointed as Director of Broadcasting – head of RTHK – with effect from August 7, 2015. Leung will replace the outgoing director Roy Tang Yun-kwong who was rather unpopular owing to his background as a bureaucrat instead of an expert within the industry.

Leung, on the contrary, has a professional profile of working for the two most prominent – back then – broadcasting companies, namely TVB and ATV. He headed TVB News between 1994 and 1999 and led ATV as Vice President/Senior Vice President (News and Public Affairs) from 2007 to 2011, until he was held responsible when ATV wrongly reported that former President Jiang Zemin passed away. Leung will have to prove himself against doubts from RTHK staff and the Journalist Association that he does not have a strong character in face of political pressure.

Current Sham Shui Po DC chairman to lead committee on new billion-dollar Recycling Fund.

Jimmy Kwok Chun-wah  (郭振華), current chairman of the Sham Shui Po District Council, was appointed to lead the Advisory Committee on Recycling Fund as Chairman, with effect from August 1, 2015. With the Hong Kong Productivity Council as its secretariat, the Committee “comprises experts, academics and people with experience in business management and community service, as well as representatives from various business and industry associations.” All Committee members were appointed by the Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing (黃錦星) for a 3-year term.

In addition to his positions as chairman of the new Advisory Committee and the Sham Shui Po District Council, Kwok also serves as vice-chairman on the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which, along with four other organizations, are collectively known as the “Big Five” of Hong Kong’s commercial organizations. Each organization is represented by one member on the Committee except the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which is represented by Kwok and another member.

First announced in the Chief Executive’s 2014 Policy Address, the billion-dollar Recycling Fund aims to tackle Hong Kong’s “imminent waste challenge” by upgrading the recycling industry’s “operational capabilities and efficiency for sustainable development”.

PwC partner Carrie Yu appointed to tourism board.

Carrie Yu (余葉嘉莉) was appointed as a member of the Hong Kong Tourism Board for a two-year term, with effect from August 1, 2015. Yu will replace Florence Chan Yuen-fan (陳苑芬), who has served on the Board for the past six years. A spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau welcomed Yu’s appointment, stating that “her expertise and experience… will help the HKTB in enhancing Hong Kong’s position as a premier tourist destination.” Yu is an audit partner of Pricewatercoopers with “over 25 years of professional experience in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United Kingdom and Canada.”

KPMG and Advisian to assist in planning of Kai-Tak Sports Complex.

The joint venture of “Big Four” auditor KPMG and management consulting firm Advisian was appointed as operations consultant for the Kai Tak Multi-purpose Sports Complex (MPSC) project.

A spokesman of the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) said, “The operations consultant will assist the HAB in the planning of this important project including the operational and business plans, the financial projection forecast and performance requirements. It will also assist us in engaging the stakeholders to ensure that their views are fully taken into account in the planning process.”

After many complaints from the sports community over the decade-long delay of the proposal, the MPSC project was approved by the Legco Public Works Subcommittee on May 6, followed by the approval of HK$62.7 million pre-construction funds by the Legco Financial Committee on July 3. The Chief Executive’s 2015 Policy Address announced that “the advance works of the MPSC project” will begin this year, while “the HAB has accorded priority to this project and will start the pre-construction works later this year.”

Two panel judges and Commissioner on Interception of Communications and Surveillance appointed.

The Government appointed appointed former High Court Judge Azizul Rahman Suffiad as Commissioner on Interception of Communications & Surveillance from August 17. re-appointed Andrew Chung On-tak (鍾安德) and Anthony To Kwai-fung (杜溎峰) from the Court of First Instance of the High Court as Panel Judges, each for another term of three years commencing August 9, 2015, and August 1, 2015, respectively.

The Betting and Lotteries Commission finds a Chairman.

The Chief Executive has appointed Mr David Fong Man-hung (方文雄) as the Chairman of the Commission. Four members have been re-appointed and six new members have been appointed.

Mr David Fong Man-hung is the Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Co Ltd. In the past, he has suggested progressive tax measures and wealth distribution policies to tackle social challenges.

The Commission comprises a composition of individuals from different fields, including the education, religion and social work sectors.The newly appointed Members are, Mr Kenneth Fok Kai-kong (霍啟剛), Reverend Ho Chi-dik (何志滌牧師), Ms Ho Yee-lin (何綺蓮), Ms Lu Hai (陸海), Mrs Julie Ma Li Mun-wai(馬李敏慧), and Ms Sania Yau Sau-wai(游秀慧).

The three public officers re-appointed to the Commission are the Commissioner of Police or representative, the Permanent Secretary for Education or representative, and the Director of Home Affairs or representative.

New member joins Hospital Authority

The Government announced the appointment of a new member, Mr Charlie Yip Wing-tong (葉永堂), to the Hospital Authority (HA) for a term of two years with effect from August 1, 2015.

Mr Yip is a retired social worker. He is currently the Vice-president of the Hong Kong Liver Transplant Patients’ Association, an Executive Committee member of the Hong Kong Alliance of Patients’ Organisations Limited and the Honorary Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise.

Cantonese Opera Development Fund Advisory Committee appoint two respected performers

The Government announced appointments to the Cantonese Opera Development Fund Advisory Committee for the period from August 1, 2015, to July 31, 2017.

Mr Lui Hung-kwong (呂洪廣), Dr Andrew Cheng King-hoi (鄭敬凱博士), and Dr Tai Suk-yan (戴淑茵博士) have joined the committee. Mr Lui is a member of the Ling Lung Cantonese Opera Troupe, and teaches a course on Cantonese Opera at UST. Dr Tai is also a performer of Cantonese Opera, while Dr Andrew Cheng King-hoi was the executive director of Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings and is respected in the Teochew community.

The Pensions Appeal Panel and Appeal Panel on Government’s Voluntary Contributions under the Civil Service Provident Fund Scheme replaces retiring member

Miss Elaine Chan Wing-yi (陳詠儀) has been appointed as a member of the Pensions Appeal Panel (PAP) and the Appeal Panel on Government’s Voluntary Contributions under the Civil Service Provident Fund Scheme (APGVC) for a term of three years with effect from August 4, 2015. She will replace Mr William Chan Fu-keung (陳富強), who will retire from the two appeal panels on August 3.