High Tide (August 7th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Former TVB & ATV news chief tapped as RTHK director; More frauds found in voter registration. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Former ATV news chief Leung Ka-wing tapped as RTHK’s new director.
– Veteran journalist and former ATV head Leung Ka-wing was appointed as Director of Broadcasting – head of RTHK – with effect from today
– Leung will replace outgoing director Roy Tang Yun-kwong who was rather unpopular owing to his background as a bureaucrat rather than an industry expert
– Leung worked for TVB and ATV as news chief, and was held responsible when ATV wrongly reported news over former President Jiang Zemin’s death back in 2011
– RTHK staff and the Journalist Association called upon Leung to resist any political pressure
– The move, meanwhile, was welcomed by leading pan-dem lawmakers including Alan Leong and Claudia Mo Man-ching from the Civic Party

Hospital Authority contractor fails to comply with hygiene requirement in fungal infection incident.
– Hospital Authority was considering terminating its contract with a laundry operation in Shum Wan after an investigation was carried out to probe the case of fungus infection of six patients at Queen Mary Hospital
– Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, a microbiological expert (and former HKU council member who just resigned recently), said a type of fungi normally associated with rotten food was found in 61% of samples taken from the laundry
– Yuen noted that all washing, drying and ironing stages of the operation were not carried out at the required temperature of 71°C, 90°C and 162°C respectively

Political (General)

Suspect in Kevin Lau case told to plead guilty as Beijing “wants no more politicisation”.
– The High Court heard that one of the two suspects who allegedly attacked formerMing Pao chief editor Kevin Lau was told by mainland security officers to confessas Beijing did not want the case to be politicised
– Yip, the suspect, said he and his accompany was arrested in Guangdong and was interrogated by the mainland security authority for two whole days before being threatened to co-operate and ‘confess’ everything
– The two, however, denied accusations of causing grievous bodily harm and stealing a motorcycle

Industrial and business sectors urged to support CY Leung in action.
– Yin Xiaojing, deputy director of the Liaison Office, called upon the industrial and business sectors to back (ch) the CY Leung administration “by real action” during an event
– Yin cited the National People’s Congress chief Zhang Dejiang’s earlier statement that the next five to ten years would be crucial to Hong Kong’s development and the city should not be dragged into political mud-fights
– NPC delegate and former LegCo President Rita Fan, meanwhile, commented on earlier ministerial changes which saw Tsang Tak-sing and Paul Tang ‘being resigned’ as home affairs minister and civil servant ministers, saying that the whole event “could have been handled in a better way”, and that those in power “do not have to go too far” so as to “leave some space for everyone and the [governmental] system”

More frauds found in voter registrations.
– As the provisional registers of electors and omissions lists were released a week ago, more suspected frauds (ch) were found as a registered voter living in Southern District recently found that his details were changed without his consent
– It was earlier reported (ch) that three persons, with identical names to the honorary president of a Hangzhou association in Hong Kong and two of his employees, submitted voter applications with hotel rooms in the Island Shangri-la as their contact address