High Tide (August 16th 2015) – Daily political round up

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More than 50000 spam calls intercepted; Industrial unit owners raise voice against bid rigging. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Matthew Cheung pledges to speed up process to help DSC employees.
– Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung said the the Labour Department will approach the provisional liquidator as early as Monday to speed up the process on activating the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund for employees of the closed DSC
– Cheung also noted that a Labour Tribunal hearing would be scheduled on Friday for the first batch of the employees

Ko Wing-man dismisses interest in running for CE in 2017 despite high popularity.
– Secretary for Ko Wing-man reiterated (ch) he has no interest to run for CE in the coming 2017 election despite being the most popular ministers according to the HKU pollsters
– Meanwhile, Ko confirmed that a complaint was under process concerning contaminated products of the United Laboratories

Police take swift actions on spam calls and unlawful car-hailing service.
– Police intercepted more than 50,000 spam calls (ch) in the past three weeks in collaboration with telecom service provider PCCW
– It was reported that more than one crime organsations were behind the initiatives while about 400 mainland bank accounts, two-third in Beijing, were involved
– Hongkongers were reportedly cheated out of HKD120m last month
– Meanwhile, four taxi drivers were arrested in the past two days for overchargingpassengers

Political (General)

Owners of industrial units voice concerns over bid rigging and blackmailing.
– Co-owners of an industrial building in To Kwa Wan raised concerns of possiblebid rigging at the press conference of the Property Owners’ Alliance Against Bid Rigging
– It was said that a HK$4.78 million maintenance proposal was put forth to refurnish the building’s 2000 sq ft lobby
– One of the co-owners also said she was blackmailed to stay away from the matter
– The Alliance received 10 complaints over possible bid rigging in industrial buildings in the past three months

China & World

Evacuations in explosion area as sodium cyanide was found.
– Residents within a 3km radius of the Tianjin explosion site were ordered to evacuate as the high toxic chemical sodium cyanide was found near the site
– Death toll in the incident climbed to 104 with 722 in hospitals
– It was reported (ch) that the owner of the warehouse was a nephew of a former Politburo member who headed the administration of Tianjin