High Tide (August 18th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Nicholas Yang retracts pro-Uber remarks; Public doctors seek pay rise on par with civil servants; 3 Hkers injured in Bangkok explosion incident. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Innotech advisor tones down pro-Uber statement.
– Advisor to the Chief Executive on Innovation and Technology Nicholas Yangbacktracked from his pro-Uber remarks, stressing that “creative industries have social responsibilities including compliance with the law”
– Speaking at an event last Sunday, Yang reportedly praised Uber for its innovative operation model
– Meanwhile, Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen said the Department of Justice had yet to conclude whether or not to prosecute (ch) the arrested Uber drivers while stressing that the service app can still choose to operate legally in Hong Kong

Public doctors demand pay rise of 3%.
– Public doctors will negotiate (ch) with the Hospital Authority on Friday in bid to include senior public doctors into the list of groups that are eligible to receive a 3% pay rise
– The LegCo earlier approved raising the salaries of high-rank civil servants by 3% but senior public doctors were left out of the bargain

Housing Authority outlines temporary measures to cope future lead-in-water issue. 
– Housing Authority put fourth three temporary measures (ch) to cope with possible excessive lead in public estates in the future, including water tests of lead and three other heavy metals, requesting contractors to record and number of solders used as well as to conduct fast test on solder parts
– It was also proposed that the authorities should tighten regulations on sub-contractors

Political (General)

‘Mad Dog’ charged of assault for throwing a glass at CY Leung – a year ago.
– Independent lawmaker Wong Yuk-man was charged with common assault for throwing a glass at the direction of CY Leung during a CE Q&A session in the LegCo in July last year
– During the session, People Power’s Albert Chan and Raymond Chan also threw paper stars at Leung, who called police to the LegCo for the first time since the handover

Pharmacists called for stricter regulations on unlicensed drugstores.
– Six pharmacist organisations, including the Hong Kong Pharmacists Union and the the Practising Pharmacists Association of Hong Kong urged the government tocrack down on drugstores displaying ‘medicine’ signs despite operating without a pharmacy licence

– It was said that unauthorised pharmacies were not allowed to issue prescribed medicine but staff would induce customers to buy other drugs instead of the approved ones

China & World

Three Hong Kong residents injured in Bangkok explosion incident.
– Three Hong Kong people were reportedly injured in the car explosion incidentnear the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok which killed at least 27 people with 80 injured
– Meanwhile, concerns over the Tianjin explosion incident turned to the issue offood safety as some 7% of Hong Kong vegetable imports come from a port city north to Tianjin