High Tide (September 1st 2015) – Daily political round up

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Early winter for catering and retail industries; More than 1000 to vote at HKU Convocation meeting; DPHK dismisses call to become “loyal opposition”. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

DoJ fails to submit a required document in court case against Occupy activists.
– 17 Occupy activists arrested during the clearance in Mong Kok are seekingtermination of their court case as the prosecution, the Department of Justice, had failed to file a “notice of appointment to hear the original summons” 14 days after a permission was granted by the High Court to charge them
– The Department asked for discretion to file the notice after the deadline and a court decision will be made later today

APEC extends validity of its business travel card.
– The APEC Business Mobility Group announced an extension of validity of the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) from three to five years for applications submitted on or after Sept 1
– The ABTC is designed for bona fide business people and is “valid for multiple visits for a stay of two to three months to participating economies without the need for a visa if pre-clearance has been granted”
– 19 economies are participating in the scheme

Political (General)

Early winter for hotel and retail industries as tourist figure slumps.
– The value of total retail sales in July decreased by 2.8% year on year to an estimate of HKD37.6bn while the catering industry reported a 20% drop on room prices compared with the same month in 2014
– The Tourism Board also reported an 11.6% downward plunge of overnight tourists to 232.6m, of which the number of mainland tourists recorded the biggest fall by 14.7% to 163.9m

Former Bar Association head “upset” about HKU decision to defer senior appointment.
– It is expected that more than 1,000 Hong Kong University alumni and lecturers will turn up and vote at the Convocation special meeting regarding delays in the appointment of pro-democracy scholar Johannes Chan as pro-vice-chairman
– Delivering a speech as the HKU Law School Opening Ceremony, former Bar Association chairman Paul Shieh Wing-tai criticised the HKU Council for the delays and attacks on Chan, former dean of the school
– Shieh said the council lacked substantive reasons for twice voting to defer the appointment

Democratic Party dismisses call to become “loyal opposition”.
– Vice-president of the National Association of Study on Hong Kong and Macau Lau Siu-kai said upcoming CE candidates should be able to unite different forces and in particular the pro-establishment camp
– Meanwhile, Lau said Beijing was seeking to improve ties with Hong Kong’s pan-democrats on the grounds that a ‘loyal opposition‘ could be developed in the sense that the democrats should accept the current political structure
– Democratic Party’s chairwoman Emily Lau dismissed the term ‘loyal opposition’ as it should be referring to opposition parties willing to accept defeat in a periodic general election and wait for the next one in democratic places