High Tide (September 3rd 2015) – Daily political round up

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HK Delegation arrives in Beijing for massive military parade; HKU alumni show major support for non-biding motions to pressure Council; Government backtracks on pledge to consult public for TST Waterfront project. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher

Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Uncertainty ensues as Government tracks back on pledge to consult public on controversial TST Waterfront project.

– After pledging to consult the public on the management of the Avenue of Stars extension plan when the plan met major backlash, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has tracked back on those promises.

– In a press release, the LCSD only promised to submit a public engagement work plan as soon as possible so as to better engage the public in the design and operation of the promenade.

The LCSD did say it will not sign a new management entrustment deed with New World Development (NWD) yet. LCSD promises to continue to discuss with NWD and take into account public views on the future management plan.

– The Town Planning Board earlier conditionally endorsed the application despite strong oppositions from the society over the appointment of a non-profit subsidiary of New World Development to run the project without public tendering

Political (General)

HKU alumni vote for non-binding motions to pressure council.

– The Hong Kong University Convocation announced that all motions sponsored by the Hong Kong Alumni Concern Group passed at the Extraordinary General m Meeting with more than 80% of the votes.

– A total of 9,298 votes were cast, meaning each motion required at least 4,650 to pass.

– The five motions passed were all sponsored by the Concern Group, including urging the council to appoint a pro vice-chancellor within the next 30 days, and to to revise the law so that the chief executive should no longer be the chancellor of the university, or at least ensure his role be ceremonial.

– The motion sponsored by a group led by Lawrence Pang Wang-kee to support a statement by 10 deans on July 30 was voted down, receiving less than 20 per cent of the votes..

– HKU alumnus and convenor of the Concern Group Ip Kin-yuen urged the Council to take heed to overwhelming vote results, and criticised the Education Bureau for issuing a statement that warned the community “not to impose pressure on the Council, and not to hinder the normal functioning of the University and the Council”

– Edward Leong Che-hung, chairman of the HKU Council, said he was touched and happy to see so many alumni show they care about the university, and promised to protect the institution’s freedoms and autonomy.

HK Delegation arrive in Beijing for Military Parade

– CY Leung and the 287-strong delegation arrived in Beijing to attend the September 3 military parade in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Pacific War. The parade will begin at 9 am.

– The Chief Executive met with Wang Guangya, Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council upon his arrival.

– Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Liaison Office explained that only those pandemocrats who were willing to communicate and not ‘demonise’ any interaction were invited. Former Civic Party and LegCo member, Democratic Party’s Tik Chi-yuen, and Health Services FC Joseph Lee were the only pandems invited.

– Ronny Tong said he was disappointed not more pandemocrats were invited to the military parade. He speculated his invitation represented good will from the Central Government towards moderate pandems. He has not arranged meetings with any officials.

– Former Police chief Andy Tsang rejected suggestions that there was an overrepresentation of police officers who handled the Occupy Movement.

– Robert Chow Yung suggested pandems should reflect on why they weren’t invited.

– Former Chief Executive Donald Tsang also arrived. It was his first appearance in the capacity of ex-CE at an official event in Beijing since he stepped down.

Hong Kong Football Team to meet China in World Cup qualification match

– The Hong Kong Football Team will play against China in a World Cup qualification group stage match in Shenzhen tonight.

– The Chinese security has reportedly set up heavy security in case of violence.

– It was reported that certain mainland netizens petitioned to “beat up Hong Kong dogs” on forums after Hong Kong football fans booed the national anthem during its last two World Cup qualifiers.