High Tide (September 10th 2015) – Daily political round up

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HK-Guangdong signed 5 agreements; No Alan Leong in next LegCo election; More time needed to handle voter complaints. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Hong Kong signs five cooperation agreements with Guangdong.
– CY Leung and Governor of Guangdong Province Zhu Xiaodan co-chaired the 18th Plenary of the Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference in Hong Kong, with focus given to the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiatives and the Guangdong Free Trade Zone
– The two sides also signed five cooperation agreements covering areas including food safety, sister schools, IP protection, search and rescue services and cross-boundary e-commerce

A ‘House Divided’: Tommy Cheung eyes House Committee chairman post.
– Liberal Party’s Tommy Cheung, who is currently the chairman of the LegCo’s Finance Committee, showed interest in running for the House Committee (ch) chairman post
– The post, however, is currently held by pro-est Andrew Leung from the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong for three years
– Cheung said he “wouldn’t mind helping Leung out to lessen his workload” and denied claims that this is a move by the Liberal Party to compete with their rivals within the pro-est camp

Political (General)

No Alan Leong in next LegCo election as dissident Tik Chi-yuen leaves the Democratic Party.
– Civic Party Alan Leong said he will not run for the next LegCo election but did not rule out running for future elections if he felt he could make a contribution then
– At the pan-dem’s lunchbox gathering, Leong also stepped down as the convenor of the meeting and passed the post to Cyd Ho from the Labour Party
– The camp agreed to coordinate at district level to press for reforms of the roles of district councils and came into consensus over the importance of securing direct and regular communication with Beijing
– Meanwhile, Tik Chi-yuen, founding member of the Democratic Party and one of the only three pan-dems along with Ronny Tong and Joseph Lee who were invited to the military parade in Beijing, quit the party and plans to form a new political platform with the expelled party compatriot Nelson Wong

Magistrate calls for review on voter registration objection mechanism over “absurd” situation to handle over 1000 cases in nine days.
– Magistrate Andrew Ma Hon-cheung called on the Government to extend the time period for the court to handle complaint cases related to vote registrations, describing the situation as “almost absurd
– Ma said the court had to hear more than 1,000 cases but was only given nine days to do so
– A Government response to media enquiries stated, “Starting from the 2015 voter registration cycle, we have extended the entire period for the public to inspect the provisional registers and omission lists and to lodge claims or objections, as well as for the Revising Officer to arrange hearings of claims and objections by 14 days in total.”

Student leader accused of divulging HKU Council meeting record under new rules of confidentiality.
– It was reported that Billy Fung, HKUSU President and member of the HKU Council, was accused of divulging what happened during a council meeting and was asked to submit a written reply by council chairman Edward Leong
– The Council endorsed in early August a new and stricter rules of confidentiality, of which Leong became the only spokesperson of the Council and an “absolute necessary” confidentiality was imposed on meeting agenda, minutes and supplementary documents
– Meanwhile, Occupy co-founder Benny Tai said he will not rule out launching alegal challenge against the HKU’s decision to punishment him concerning the donations he handled

Minibus drivers launch a brief ‘Occupy Nathan Road’.
– Dozens of minibuses blocked Nathan Road yesterday night in protest against police law enforcement as a minibus driver was reportedly chased after and hit by a police officer after being issued a ticket for dangerous driving
– The drama began at around 9 at night and the road was reopened about 2 hours later