High Tide (September 16th 2015) – Daily political round up

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CY defends controversial claims on SoPs; DoJ to launch lawsuit against Occupy activists for second time; Use of sirens dropped in National Day firework show.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

CY Leung said critics of Zhang Xiaoming “quoted Zhang out of context”
– CY Leung defended Beijing’s liaison chief Zhang Xiaoming’s recent provocative statement by claiming that Zhang did not say the CE’s authority transcend the Judiciary and Legislative Council and that some critics had “quoted him out of context
– Leung, meanwhile, questioned the notion of “separation of powers” in Hong Kong compared to the concept that is adopted by other countries, stressing that the city “does not have complete executive power and legislative power”

Police commissioner defended controversial rewriting of 1967 riots history
– Police commissioner Lo Wai-chung said there was no political motivationbehind an updated official version of the history of 1967 riots which had sensitive wordings connected to the Communist Party removed
– Lo claimed that the new version merely aims to keep to it short and clean for readers who nowadays “wish to get information quickly”
– Meanwhile, Lo attended a district council meeting in Tuen Mun for the first time since assuming the post to thank (ch) the councillors for their support to the Police Force

DoJ to launch fresh lawsuit against Occupy activists after missing court files
– The Department of Justice will mount fresh case against 17 Occupy activists for contempt of court
– A previous case to prosecute the protesters was dropped by the Court since the department failed to submit relevant documents on time
– Meanwhile, LegCo president Jasper Tsang and LegCo Commission vice-chairman Andrew Leung were summoned in a trial of anti-NE NT development plan protesters charged with forcibly entering the LegCo Complex to explain police’s presence in the premises that day
– Representatives from the law firm for the LegCo Commission, however, challenged the relevancy and requested the summonses to be dropped

Central – Wan Chai Bypass “could not be commissioned in 2017 as originally scheduled”
– The Highways Department announced that Central – Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link (CWB) project “could not be commissioned in 2017 as originally scheduled” owing to a number of “unforeseen difficulties” including the large metal object found at the seabed of the works site
– Meanwhile, in response to Michael Tien who proposed further delayin the high-speed rail link project in return for a ceiling on the budget, Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung said the Government did not want the project to be delayed further

Former Finance Committee chairman has no plan to run for the post
– Former Finance Committee chairman Ng Leung-sing said he will not run for the post, after current chairman Tommy Cheung revealed his intention to become the next Home Committee chairman and told local media that the pro-Beijing camp tapped Ng to be his successor
– Ng, who forced a vote on the funding request for the controversial NE NT development plan amid filibustering by radical pan-dems when he chaired the committee, said no lawmaker could solve efficiency crisis

Political (General)

Robert Chow Yung warns of Hong Kong becoming ‘another Syria’
– Beijing-loyalist Robert Chow Yung said he has a “moral obligation” to safeguard Hong Kong from “troublemakers”, saying that he is “are against them in the same way we are against terrorism”
– Chow, who is the founder of the Silent Majority for Hong Kong and the Alliance for Peace, Democracy and a pro-Beijing online social media HKG Pao, said the organisations will continue to campaign so that Hong Kong will not become “so that Hong Kong would not become “another Syria, Egypt or Libya”

Sirens dropped in National Day firework show after citywide criticism
– Organiser of the National Day firework show will drop the use of sirens (ch) during the show which was initially planned to remind citizens of the horrors of war but received citywide criticism afterwards
– The theme of the session will also be changed from the “70th anniversary of the victory against Japanese aggression” to “Peace” with a red-heart-shaped firework featured in the session