High Tide (September 27th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Police to launch FB page; Former bar chief slams “arrogant” mainlanders and paternalistic remarks from Beijing officials.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Police to launch its own Facebook page
– Police is reportedly entering the realm of social media with the launch of an official Facebook page in bid to regain public confidence lost by the Occupy protests and to “further enhance interaction with the public, especially the youth”
– The page – already nicknamed ‘Forcebook‘ by some – is expected to start next month with some 20 officers in operation for 24/7

Officials attribute lead-in-water scandal to ignorance in industry and government
– Water Supplies director Enoch Lam Tin-sing said the industry should bear the responsibility for showing ‘ignorance‘ on soldering materials which caused the lead-in-water scandal
– Secretary for Development Paul Chan, however, claimed that the remarks also applied to the Water Supplies Department
– An assistant professor of science and environmental studies at the Institute of Education, meanwhile, suggested cost- and time-saving consideration to be another major reason for the contractors’ choice of materials

Development plan for Lantau Island rolled out
– The Lantau Development Advisory Committee endorsed the overall planning and development strategies for Lantau, including: 1) Economic and housing developments in the Northern Lantau Corridor; 2) Leisure, entertainment and tourism developments in the North-eastern Lantau Node (extension of Hong Kong Disneyland); 3) A core business district in the East Lantau Metropolis; And 4) conservation, leisure, cultural and green tourism initiatives for the predominant part of Lantau
– Secretary for Development Paul Chan said the authority will also explores the development of caverns and underground spaces to “relocate incompatible government facilities or for other suitable uses

Political (General)

Paul Shieh hits out at mainlanders and Hong Kong officials amid escalated conflicts
Former Bar Association Chairman Paul Shieh added fuel to the HK-China conflicts by hitting back at some “arrogant” mainlanders and Beijing officials who gave “paternalistic” remarks on Hong Kong
– Shieh said there were major differences between Hongkongers and mainlanders regarding the understandings on the rule of law and basic values – by which Shieh was referring to a “laughable” think of mainlanders that ‘might(wealth) makes right’
– The former bar chief also slammed the Hong Kong administration for asking its people to endure the discontent instead of speaking out for them
– Shieh was among the first who publicly criticised the Government for overemphasising on the term ‘rule of law’ as if they have control over the law

100 join ‘shopping tour’ protest to mark Occupy anniversary
– About 100 ‘shopping tour’ protesters marched from Mong Kok, crossed the Victorian Harbour and gathered outside the Government Complex in Admiralty to mark the one-year anniversary (ch) of the Occupy Movement
– The entire demonstration lasted for about three hours and ended at 10pm in a largely peaceful manner
– Meanwhile, dozens joined seminars held by Scholarism and the Hong Kong Federation of Students at the LegCo demonstration area
– Several localist groups already said they would not hold any event to commemorate the Movement which they described as an “ill-fated initiative”

Waiter enters no plea of bribing candidates to stand in dc elections
– Cheng Wing-kin, a waiter aged 31, was charged of offering bribes totalling at least HKD550,000 to four people to persuade them to stand in the upcoming district council elections in specified constituencies
– Cheng entered no plea and was granted bail of HKD3,000
– Among the four people approached by Cheng was Youngspiration’s convenor Baggio Leung, who was offered a sum of HKD150,000
– Cheng earlier claimed that he was only doing so as a social experiment