Reportage: Hola! Spanish CG has his first outing at National Day reception

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Politicians, diplomats and the Spanish community in Hong Kong celebrate Fiesta Nacional de España – with joy and great food.


Spanish Consul General Mr Santiago Martínez-Caro de la Concha Castañeda made his Hong Kong debut to lead the Spanish National Day celebration on October 12 since arriving in Hong Kong last August.

In his speech, Mr Martinez-Caro expressed his gratitude toward sponsors, supporters and the participating restaurants. He went on to praise the expanding economic and cultural co-operation between Spain and Hong Kong.

“Let me express the sincere hope that we will be able to face these challenges in peace, with the tools of dialogue and reciprocal tolerance, under the rule of law and following the principles of democracy, justice, freedom and respect for the fundamental rights of all human beings,” Mr Martinez-Caro concluded.

Honourable Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen was the Guest of Honour who, contrary to Carrie-the-comedian, picked Spanish passion over German precision.

“In fact, I successfully persuaded my assistant’s daughter to learn Spanish instead of German,” Mr Yuen joked.

The ‘negotiator’ was beyond doubt impressed by the food and beverage line-up at the reception, offering his thumb-ups while trying out some jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), tapas, wine and beer.

Distinguished guests included Deputy Commissioner of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong Mr Song Ru’an, Director of Protocol Ms Judy Li, US Consul General Mr Clifford Hart, Director of EU Office Mr Vincent Piket, and more representatives from the diplomatic and Spanish community.