High Tide (October 16th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Pro-est takes 16 out of 18 panel chairmanship; Ken Tsang charged with assaulting police; 943 candidates to run in DC elections.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Government & LegCo

Pan-dems pocket two of 18 LegCo panels at pro-est’s mercy
– The pro-est camp seized both chair and vice-chair in 13 LegCo panels and chair in three additional panels, leaving two chair and three vice-chair to the pan-dems – same as last year
– Health Services lawmaker Joseph Lee and Cheung Kwok-che of the Labour Party would chair the Panel on Health Services and Panel on Welfare Services respectively, while Education lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen, Civic Party’s Chan Ka-lok and his colleague Dennis Kwok are vice-chairmen of the Panel on Education, Panel on Environmental Affairs and Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services respectively
– DAB’s Ip Kwok-him called on pan-dems to “face the reality” and cease deploying non-cooperation strategy in the LegCo
– Meanwhile, Liberal Party’s James Tien said he heard pro-Beijing camp lawmakers receiving response from CY Leung to not let pan-dems to be elected in the committees

Hong Kong & UK sign MOU on health co-operation
– Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health of the United Kingdom Jane Ellison signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on health co-operation in London with the presence of CY Leung and the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond
– Meanwhile, Mainland and Hong Kong signed a framework agreement to strengthen exchange and co-operation in environmental impact assessment(EIA)

Government proposes postage rates increase to “offset escalating operating costs”
– Hongkong Post announced postage rate adjustments with effect from February 1 to “rationalise the postal structure to better reflect underlying costs”
– A three-tier classification system according to size and weight will be introduced with higher prices for posting larger letters while the rate of small letters posted locally will remain unchanged at HKD1.7

Politics (General)

Occupy protester allegedly assaulted by police to face charges of assaulting police
– The seven police officers who allegedly attacked Civic Party member Ken Tsang Kin-chiu during Occupy Movement were each charged with wounding or striking with intent to do grievous bodily harm
– Meanwhile, Tsang received an ‘arrest appointment’ call from police on one count of assaulting police and four counts of obstructing public officers
– Tsang said he was shocked by the call and ridiculed the charges
– Secretary for Rimsky Yuen said the incident “demonstrates that irrespective of which side of the line that you are standing in…we take them seriously”

Record high 943 candidates to contest for 431 DC seats
– A total of 943 candidates will run for 431 seats in next month’s district council elections after eight nominees submitted notices of withdrawal
– Post-umbrella groups would take on pan-dems in at least six constituencies while pro-est candidates would also fight among themselves in at least eight constituencies
– There are 66 constituencies with only one candidate, of which 26 candidates are from the pro-Beijing DAB and FTU
– 18 lawmakers are standing for the elections, including Albert Ho, Frederick Fung, Chan Ka-lok, Wong Kwok-hing, Paul Tse, and Christopher Chung

Radical lawmakers seek membership in HKU and CUHK councils as LegCo representatives
– Lawmakers will today vote for representatives to the University of Hong Kong Council and the Chinese University Council at the Housing Committee meeting
– While pan-dems planned to nominate democrat Helena Wong to seat on the CUHK Council and Ip Kin-yuen and James To for HKU Council, the more radical Leung Kwok-hung and Raymond Chan said they will also contest for the seats, adding uncertainties to the coordination works