High Tide (October 22nd 2015) – Daily political round up

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HA heads agree to review salary levels for doctors; Joshua Wong explains his presence in London.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Government & LegCo

HA Board to discuss salary issues following doctor protest
– About 1,300 public-sector doctors staged a sit-in protest at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, demanding equal terms with civil servants over salaries
– Chairman and Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority Professor John Leong Chi-yan and Dr Leung Pak-yin attended the protest and pledged to seek approval from the Board for a 3% salary increase in a meeting held later today
– Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-ma stated that the Government “will not allocate additional resources for this particular exercise”
– Former Secretary for the Civil Service Joseph Wong Wing-ping, meanwhile, suggested that there should be a a new salary adjustment system for public-sector doctors that is linked to their counterparts in the private sector

Pan-dems: No plan to boycott CE Q&A session
Ming Pao reported (ch) that pan-dems will not stage a protest when CY Leung addressed LegCo members later today at the Q&A session
– Leung Kwok-hung (‘Long Hair’) of the League of Social Democrats said he will ask questions ‘fair to the CE’
– Most lawmakers had asked three questions each in the previous Q&A sessions with the exception of Leung Ka-lau from the medical sector and Lau Wong-fat who raised questions once each

Transport secretary opposes proposal to remove trams from Central
– The Planning Department submitted a paper to the Town Planning Board stating that it did not support former government town planner Sit Kwok-keung’s proposal to get rid of tram service in part of Central
– Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung stressed in the statement the important role played by trams in the city’s development and said there was no plan from the authorities to change its existing policy on trams
– The Town Planning Board will meet on Friday to decide whether or not to turn down the application

Government holds ceremony to commemorate those who died in the defence of Hong Kong
– CY Leung led a ceremony to commemorate those who lost their lives in thedefence of Hong Kong between 1941 and 1945 at the City Hall Memorial Garden to mark the Chung Yeung Festival
– Leung was joined by senior government officials, representatives from the Judiciary, the LegCo, the ExCo, as well as former members of the Hong Kong Independent Battalion of the Dongjiang Column and war veterans’ groups

Politics (General)

Ex-Dems lead meeting with CY Leung
– 11 core members of the Third Side (ch), led by former democrats Tik Chi-yuen and Nelson Wong, met with CY Leung to explain the new party’s vision
– The ‘moderate democrats’ also proposed several suggestions on youth works, elderly care and district administration, including reforming the structure of district councils from 18 to eight districts

Joshua Wong defends presence in London in support of human rights development in China
– Scholarism’s Joshua Wong was lately accused by radical localists of being a ‘pax sinic-ard (ch) (those pro-democracy people in Hong Kong who still identify themselves as Chinese and fight for democratic development in the mainland)’ as he was shown in a photo protesting for human rights in China when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UK
– Wong explained his presence in the UK as he was invited by the Oxford Union three months in prior to hold talks at Oxford University and said he would not have fought for Hong Kong self-determination if he was a ‘pax sinic-ard’
– Wong also urged UK Prime Minister David Cameron to put pressure on Xi concerning Hong Kong’s democratic development
– Meanwhile, a photo with Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond and Xi holding a meeting outside a toilet (ch) had become a hit across social media platforms