High Tide (October 26th 2015) – Daily political round up

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121 injured in Macau ferry incident; Background of ‘independent’ DC candidates raises concerns.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Government & LegCo

121 injured in high-speed Macau ferry incident
– Marine Department reported that a total of 121 people were injured when a high-speed ferry hit an “unidentified object” in the waters outside Siu A Chau, south of Lantau Island, and lost power yesterday at about 6pm
– The ferry was carrying 163 passengers and 11 crew and was on its way back from Macau, among them 112 passengers had reached the Central Pier with 51 still on the high-speed craft at midnight

FS cautions impacts of ‘soaring’ wages on small businesses
– Financial Secretary John Tsang wrote on his blog warning of increasing difficulty for small business owners to hire low-skilled workers
– Tsang noted high demand for low-skilled labour is pushing up the wages and accordingly the costs for small and medium-sized enterprises, citing a restaurant owner who said he couldn’t hire any dish-washer with a monthly wage of HKD12,000
– Tsang said the Government will put forth measures to assist the enterprises if necessary

Politics (General)

Political background of ‘independent’ DC candidates raises concerns
– 88 ‘independent (ch)’ candidates running for District Council elections were members of pro-establishment organisations or other ‘political’ groups but did not declare their affiliations, according to a report by Ming Pao
– 66 ‘independent’ candidates were from the pro-est Hong Kong Island Federation, Kowloon Federation of Associations, New Territories Association of Societies but only five declare their connections to the groups
– Among the 213 candidates on the pan-dems’ ‘recommended list’, 22 declared independence or no political affiliation
– Since there is no political party law in Hong Kong, candidates have no obligation to reveal their connections to the ‘political’ organisations since they can argue that these organisations are merely social groups

HKU Alumni Concern Group calls for referendum against appointment of Arthur Li as Council chairman
– The University of Hong Kong Alumni Concern Group and the Academic Staff Association of The University of Hong Kong held a press conference yesterdayopposing the possible appointment of ExCo member Arthur Li as chairman of the university’s Council
– The groups called for a referendum on December 1 for members to express their views on the possible appointment
– In a recent poll conducted by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, more than 70% of its members did not take Li as an appropriate candidate for the Council chairman post

Real or fake? CY Leung opens short-lived Facebook account
– A Facebook account (ch) apparently launched by CY Leung surfaced for a brief four hours but did not escape netizens’ notice
– The user – assuming it was the chief executive – posted his first and only post which read: “Many friends have often exchanged photos and shared what they’ve learnt from planting flowers. Today I opened Facebook to share with you all my photos of flowers, trees and daily life. Hope you will enjoy.”
– Leung also left a “Hi” message on political assistant to Secretary for Home Affairs Caspar Tsui Ying-wai’s Facebook page