High Tide (November 4th 2015) – Daily political round up

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CE condemns “wrong” leaking of HKU Council meeting tapes; Pro-est camp drops points in latest rating.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Government & LegCo

CY Leung condemns “wrong” leaking of HKU Council meeting recordings
– Responding to the University of Hong Kong tapes leakage saga, CY Leung said disclosing recordings of closed-door meetings is “very” immoral, “wrong” and “goes against society’s standards”
– Leung also stated that the HKU’s media injunction would not affect the city’s press freedom
– The Hong Kong Journalists’ Association released a statement defending the right of ‘whistle-blowing’, citing the leakage of Leung receiving an undeclared GBP4m from the Australian UGL (ch) as an example which was in line with public interest

Authorities need a year to replace lead-tainted water pipes
– Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung told a judge-led inquiry panel into the lead-in-water saga that it would take more than a year to replace all pipes in the 11 lead-tainted public housing estates
– In a statement to the panel, deputy director of housing Ada Fung Yin-suen admitted that she was unaware of the WHO’s standards before the outbreak of the saga in July

Runways to reach saturation point within the next two years, Airport Authority tells lawmakers
– Secretary for Transport and Housing Anthony Cheung told a LegCo subcommittee on the Three-runway system that the current two runways would reach saturation point (ch) by next year or the year that follows
– CEO of the Airport Authority Fred Lam Tin-fuk said the authority was proposing three measures to increase the Hong Kong International Airport’s capacity, namely to increase capacity of the two existing runways, to encourage airlines to opt for night-time landing and departing, and to put the third runway into service as soon as 2020 when the construction works are completed

Commerce and Economic Development Bureau proposes adding six temporary positions to handle ordinance reviews
– The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau submitted a document to the LegCo proposing to open six temporary positions (ch), including a deputy secretary and a principal assistant secretary, with a total annual wage of HKD6.22m to facilitate review works on the Telecommunications Ordinance and the Broadcasting Ordinance
– The authorities were looking into standardising the licensing and regulations of television programmes and radio programmes

Politics (General)

Pro-est parties drop points in HKUPOP’s political groups rankings
– The University of Hong Kong’s Public Opinion Programme released the latestrating of top ten political groups with four pan-dem parties, namely the ADPL, Civic Party, Democratic Party and the LSD, topping the list
– DAB recorded the biggest drop in score (-7.2 points) compared with the last survey, followed by the New People’s Party (-5.8 points) and the Federation of Trade Unions (-5.2 points)