Argentines tango into the Argentinian Festival 2015 at Puerta Roja

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Argentinian CG Gustavo Fazzari led the community in welcoming Argentine art to kick off Argentina Festival 2015.

The work of Mariano Ferrante, an abstract master from Argentina graced the opening event for the exhibition of his work, ‘Geometric Abstraction’. Mariano Ferrante is “one of the most dynamic and innovative young successors of a long tradition of geometric abstract masters from South America.”

The Consul General, Gustavo Fazzari proudly kicked off the event with gallery founder Adriana Alvarez-Nichol with the the brilliant and soaring vocals of Diego Edelberg singing the music of  his native Argentina, the tango.

The exhibition “Geometric Abstraction” opens November 5th during ‘Art Lates SOHO 189’ as part of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s, Art Gallery Week 2015 programme.