Harbour Crossings November 6

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ITB heads to be named after Friday’s FC meeting – hopefully, or hopefully not; Apple Daily journalist joins panel on LegCo cafeteria tendering; New term for HK-Taiwan cultural cooperation committee.


Andddddd the new Undersecretary post goes toooooooo……….

The Finance Committee will start its – perhaps – last meeting on the funding proposal concerning the controversial Innovation & Technology Bureau after more than three years of endless debates. It is a no-brainer that Nicholas Yang (楊偉雄) will have his title changed from CY Leung’s Innovation & Technology Adviser to Secretary for the new bureau.

Candidacy for the undersecretary post, meanwhile, remains far from clear. Latest rumours pointed to Lau Ming-wai (劉鳴煒), son of Chinese Estates Group’s Joseph Lau Luen-hung (劉鑾雄), to take the post.

Lau recently resigned as the developer’s CEO but stayed as board chairman and non-executive director. He has a doctorate degree in law (Ed. note: a crucial criterion to become a pro-vice-chancellor of the University of Hong Kong as it turned out) and is an active member in various public bodies. He is currently the chairman of the Commission on Youth, a member of the Commission on Poverty and Commission on Strategic Development, a councillor of the City University of Hong Kong, as well as deputy chairman of the Ocean Park Corporation.

More recent gossips, however, suggested that Lau was not the man, and he resigned as Chinese Estates Group’s CEO merely to add more to his already impressive profile of public positions.

The other two candidates are DAB lawmaker Elizabeth Quat (葛珮帆), and Chief Telecommunications Engineer of the Police Force and member of the Advisory Committee on Innovation and Technology Jolly Wong Chun-kau (黃振球) – Are the police stepping up monitoring on internet activities? Apparently Most likely.

Apple Daily journalist turns focus from LegCo Chamber to its Cafeteria

Steven Lui Ho-yin (呂浩然) joined the Assessment Panel for the tendering exercise for the operation of the Legislative Council Cafeteria after being nominated as the sole candidate from media organisations.

Lui is a journalist from the Apple Daily and he mainly covers political news. His pan-dem friends in the LegCo may be considering giving him a list of cuisines or two as criteria when screening tenders.


Four joins Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee

The Government announced the new term of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee (HKTCCC) from November 1, 2015, to October 31, 2017.

Dr Fredric Mao Chun-fai (毛俊輝) was reappointed as the committee’s convenor. He is Director Laureate of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and a board member of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

Four new members were appointed to the committee, namely Resident Conductor of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Chew Hee-chiat (周熙杰), Secretary General of the Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations Freeman Lau (劉小康), film producer Shi Nan-sun (施南生), as well as stage director and actor Tang Shu-wing (鄧樹榮).