Reportage: Russian Romantics attracts diplomats, LegCo, EOC chief

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Photo: Michael MacLeod (right), Chief Executive of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra with Michelle Kim and Leung Kin Fung, conductor of the night’s Russian Romantics part of Hong Kong Generation Next Arts (HKGNA) event.


Hong Kong Generation Next Arts hosted ‘Russian Romantics’ last night (November 9) with a powerful performance by globally renowned Russian concert pianist Ilya ‎Itin.

He was joined in the second half by the Diocesan Girls School who put on a shockingly forceful performance for such a young cohort. They were led by Leung Kin Fung who delivered on a productive partnership between the ‎rousing Russian and the local performers.

The Dutch Consul General, Wilfred Mohr, was seated next to EOC Chairman, York Chow. Not pictured was Abraham Shek (FC-BPA) who seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly.

Dutch CG Wilfred Mohr and York Chow.

Michelle Kim, the chair and founder of HKGNA, herself a globally renowned concert pianist, opened the proceedings. HKGNA works to bring world-class music to Hong Kong’s people. Much of that effort happens through helping children at risk and disadvantaged children‎ with music lessons that transform whole families as they discover the joy of music together.

The 2015 Music Festival ‎continues until November 17 and is supported in part by the Korean Consulate.