Still don’t trust your water? How to get your water tested in Hong Kong

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While the lead-in-water scandal has been concentrated in public housing, concerns about triads controlling building councils to overpay for shoddy work is causing concern. Our readers have asked how to get their water tested.


Readers have asked us how they can get their water tested for lead. While most of us are ‘pretty sure’ we’re safe, the uncertainty gnaws at the back your mind until you cross the line and get the test.

Harbour Times called two companies and got the basics. So could have you, but we’re happy to make it easy for you and not put it behind the paywall. Cheers.

Note: We don’t know nor recommend these companies. They didn’t pay for this information. We just called.


A global outfit, rep Stephen Chan got back to us like lightning! Bonus period must be drawing near. He says:

Please prepare below information for lead/5 heavy metals in water testing –

  1. Filled Service Request Form
  2. 200ml of tap water (please refer to the instruction on the form)
  3. Payment receipt (if you paid by bank transfer) OR you can pay by cheque (please refer to the payment method on the form).

You can call me (3185 8052) for booking of the sample hand over.

If you want the document, click here.

$288 for lead only, $388 for more metals. $100 for courier pick up. They advise on how to collect the sample, but ‘let it run’ or just turn on and collect is up to you.



A phone call to 2676 2983 had a pleasant young woman guide us to the relevant forms on their website which you can download by clicking here.

$500 includes them coming to your house to collect the sample ($250) and the analysis ($250). Surcharges for speedy results apply.

You might want to find out if they use the heavily criticised “let it run” sample method preferred by government (heavily criticised) – or the standing water test (just turn the tap on and collect).

Have you had your water privately tested? Let us know your experience and recommendations! Comment below!