High Tide (November 30th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Majority voice opposition to TSA; 97% vote against Arthur Li as HKU Council chairman.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Gov’t & LegCo

Majority of attendants urge government to scrap TSA at LegCo hearing
– A total of 80 parents, educators and school kids spoke at the LegCo’s Panel of Education public hearing on the TSA tests, with the majority of them calling for an immediate abandonment of the tests
– About a hundred others rallied outside the LegCo Complex while the TSA Concern Group submitted a petition with more than 43,000 signatures backing the abolition
– Responding to a primary school principal who said his school faced pressure from the Education Bureau to perform better in the tests, Acting Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said it was his first time hearing so, saying that the issue was serious and pledged investigation
– Yeung however stressed that no promise of abolition of the tests would be made for the moment and that any further decision would be made after a three-month review is concluded in February

ICAC faces more inquiries from local firms on graft issues in mainland China
– Director of corruption prevention of ICAC Tse Man-shing said more local firms operating in mainland China were seeking advice from its Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS)
– The department offered a total of 592 advisory services to local enterprises in the first ten months in 2015
– The anti-graft body will issue guidelines targeting healthcare services provided by the Hospital Authority and private healthcare institutions co-operating with the Department of Health in next year

64 restaurants join campaign to promote acceptance of breastfeeding in public
– 64 restaurants under four food and beverage groups joined UNICEF’s ‘Say Yes to Breastfeeding’ campaign in collaboration with the Food and Health Bureau and the Department of Health
– A Department of Health survey of babies born in 2012 found that breastfeeding rate dropped to only 2.3% when they reached six months while the figures in Taiwan and the US were 27.9% and 16.4% respectively in 2013

Politics (General)

97% of HKU alumni vote against Arthur Li as next council chairman
– About 4,400 alumni of the University of Hong Kong voted during a general meeting held by the HKU Convocation, a statutory body comprised of 162,000 staff and graduates, on five non-binding motions, including one criticising the council’s decision to reject Johannes Chan’s appointment and another one opposing council member Arthur Li to succeed Edward Leong as chairman
– All five motions were backed by more than 90% of the alumni, with 97% backing the one on Li