South African Consulate-General co-hosts Mandela Exhibition

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South African Consulate-General collaborates with Fundação Rui Cunha to bring the story of Mandela to Macau.

Photo: The South African Consul-General, Mrs Phumelele Gwala (left four) and guests. (Provided by South African Consulate-General)


The first Mandela Exhibition in Macau was held on December 1 by the South African Consulate-General in Hong Kong and Macau in collaboration with Fundação Rui Cunha (Rui Cunha Foundation) at the charity organisation’s venue in Macau.

The five-day travelling exhibition, also on display at the Apartheid Museum in South Africa, celebrates with photographs, videos and artifacts the life of the late South African President Nelson Mandela as an anti-apartheid leader, a political prisoner, and a beloved statesman.

Consul-General Gwala presenting gifts to Dr Rui Cunha (left), Founder and President of The Rui Cunha Foundation, and Mr Greg Morris (Right), Head of Product & Chief Actuary of AIA Vitality Company Limited.

During the launching ceremony of the exhibition, South African Consul-General Mrs Phumelele Gwala presented two books on Mandela to Dr Rui Cunha, Founder and President of the Rui Cunha Foundation, and Mr Greg Morris, Head of Product & Chief Actuary of AIA Vitality Company Limited.

The event is supported by South African Airways, Brand South Africa and the Apartheid Museum, and is sponsored by the Business Connexion Group and South African health insurer Discovery.

More information is available here.