Harbour Crossings December 4

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No more ‘four o’clock Hui Sir’; ‘King of Bridges’ to supervise delayed Express Rail Link project; Former privacy commissioner secures barrister pupillage position.


‘Hui Sir’ appointed as Sham Shui Po Commanding Officer

The Police Force announced a number of personnel changes, among which Chief Superintendent of the Police Public Relations Bureau (PPRB) Steve Hui (許鎮德) will assume the post of Commanding Officer in Sham Shui Po. Hui, aka ‘four o’clock Hui Sir’, was promoted to the rank of chief superintendent in March last year and made his name during the Occupy Movement as he gave daily 4pm-updates on police operations and statements.

Hui’s cartoon-ised icon on the Police’s recently launched Facebook page will also reportedly be taken down.

Chief Superintendent of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau Au Chin-chau (區展秋) will replace Hui as the PPRB chief – and maybe the Facebook page icon as well.

20 senior officers received early Christmas presents, among which five of them will be promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner and the rest as chief superintendents.


Former deputy highways director to save the Express Rail Link mess

Former deputy highways director and former Director of Civil Engineering Lau Ching-kwong (劉正光) joined the MTR Corp about two months ago as engineering consultant to supervise the progress of the high-speed rail link construction works.

Lau, aged 72 and nicknamed Hong Kong’s ‘King of Bridges’, served in the Highways Department for 36 years since 1966, during which he participated in the implementation of many large bridges including the Tsing Ma Bridge, Kap Shui Mun Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge. He was promoted to the post of deputy director in 1996 and Director of Civil Engineering in 2000 before retiring in 2002.


Ex-privacy commissioner resumes law studies

Former privacy commissioner Allan Chiang (蔣任宏) is reportedly picking up his studies in law again after not having his tenure renewed by the Government. He is now a pupil barrister with Philip Dykes S.C. as one of his mentors.

Chiang started his part-time studies in law when he served as postmaster general between 2003 and 2006. His studies however were suspended in 2010 when he assumed the post of privacy commissioner.


Head of electronic health record office holds title of Commissioner for the Electronic Health Record

The Government announced the appointment of of a person for the time being to hold the office of Head (Electronic Health Record) (H(eHR)) of the Food and Health Bureau (FHB), with Sidney Chan Shuen-yiu (陳選堯) as the incumbent, as the Commissioner for the Electronic Health Record (eHRC).

The eHRC is tasked to “establish, operate, maintain and develop the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS)” to provide “an essential infrastructure for access and sharing of participating patients’ health data by authorised healthcare providers in the public and private sectors with patients’ consent”.


New Hong Kong senior representative in Taiwan named

David Lie (李大壯) assumed the post of Chairman of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic and Cultural Cooperation and Promotion Council (ECCPC) on December 1 upon Charles Lee (李業廣)’s retirement.

Lie was the vice-chairman of the ECCPC and former chairman of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Business Co-operation Committee under the council.