High Tide (December 7th 2015) – Daily political round up

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Police requests Google to remove assault video; CE warns against copyright bill filibustering.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Gov’t & LegCo

Google: Police requests removal of Youtube video of assault in police vehicle
– Google stated in its latest Transparency Report that they received a request from the Hong Kong Police Force to remove a Youtube video “that they claim disseminates a false message that Hong Kong Police assaulted a person under arrest in a police vehicle”
– Google turned down the request and the report did not mention the video’s title, but it was believed to be a report (ch) by Apple Daily over police officers allegedly assaulting an Occupy protester

Filibustering copyright bill “will get you nowhere”, CY Leung warns lawmakers
– CY Leung warned lawmakers not to deploy filibustering tactics to delay a LegCo vote on Copyright Amendment Bill on Wednesday
– Leung referred to the establishment of the InnoTech Bureau after three years of debates, saying that attempting to delay the bill “will get you nowhere”
– IT lawmaker Charles Mok backed (ch) the bill, saying it can in fact offer more channels for netizens to appeal when their derivative works are taken down

Health minister sent to hospital after falling on his face at race
– Another top official was admitted to hospital, and this time it was Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man who suffered a nasty fall at a running event in Sheung Shui
– Ko tripped over a child seconds after the race started, falling on his face and broke his cheekbone
– Ko was advised to rest for two weeks

HAB to host 9th Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum
– The Home Affair Bureau will host the 9th Asia Cultural Co-operation Forumtoday with cultural ministers and senior officials from eight Asian countries participating at the event
– A Ministers’ Panel Discussion will be held in the morning, followed by a tour to visit the Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHKC) and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM)

Politics (General)

Democratic Party plans extra list of candidates in NT East and NT West LegCo elections
– The Democratic Party decided to field seven lists of candidates at most in next year’s LegCo geographical constituency elections
– Apart from having one least in each of the five constituencies, the party will field an extra list in New Territories East and New Territories West, despite having no incumbent lawmaker representing the latter constituency