Canadians and allies will not forget: Remember WWII

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Canadian Consul General Ian Burchett led the Hong Kong, Canadian, and Allied community in remembering the war in hopes we will not repeat it nor forget the sacrifice of freedom fighters so long ago.


The Canadian War Memorial Service for those who fought and died in Hong Kong was held this past Sunday at the Sai Wan Ho Memorial Cemetery.

Of special note were two surviving veterans of the war who attended. One was 93 year old Ralph McLean. One of the almost 2,000 Canadians who arrived here in late 1941, he survived The Battle of Hong Kong and Japanese POW camps in Hong Kong and Japan. He toured various battle sites the day before and rose to salute his fallen comrades at the ceremony. The other was Peter Choi, President of the World War II Veterans Association (HK).


Also notable for a first time appearance were the Allied forces representatives including the Consul Generals of Australia, USA, New Zealand and representatives of the British Consulate and the Consular Corps (see photos).

The Chinese and Hong Kong governments were represented by Li Yiping of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hong Kong Office and Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs Laurie Lo , respectively.