Simon Galpin to leave InvestHK for Middle East

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Simon Galpin has led InvestHK for seven of his 15 years there. It’s time for something new.

Photo: HT Ed-in-Chief Andrew Work with Simon Galpin at a diplomatic event.


In a cryptic LinkedIn message ahead of InvestHK’s Annual Reception last night, Simon Galpin announced it would be his last as the Director General of InvestHK.

Harbour Times has it he will be taking up a new post as the Managing Director of Bahrain’s Economic Development Board as soon as mid-February.

InvestHK was always keen on metrics and specifically how many companies made it through their pipeline of interested firms that actually established operations in Hong Kong. Under Mr Galpin’s leadership, they racked up record numbers year after year.

In addition to that, he claims, “what I am most proud of is the team we now have at InvestHK.”

Looking to Hong Kong’s future, he is excited about start up growth which is, according to him, “the next big thing for Hong Kong.” Programmes like were launched on his watch and have grown quickly in recent years.

He was popular with companies, diplomats and international Chambers of Commerce. Former Spanish Consul General to Hong Kong (now Consul General in Strasbourg) Jose Manuel López Nadal said, “I was impressed by Simon Galpin’s professional qualities.”

His career had a classic Asia start, working as an English teacher in Taipei. He worked as the head Asia Pacific of Scottish Enterprise before joining InvestHK. He sits on the board of Asia World Expo and is the former President of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies. Most recently, he completed his JSD (International Investment Law) at CityU.

He will not be involved in the recruitment process for his successor, but also hasn’t completely washed his hands clean of Hong Kong. He had this to say:

Although I will be away for a couple of years I consider Hong Kong to be my home – and I’ll be back!