High Tide (December 16th 2015) – Daily political round up

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CE: Seperate checkpoints for XRL “completely infeasible”; LegCo to debate copyright bill; Electricity bill down 1%.

Photo: Chris Lusher


Gov’t & LegCo

CY Leung: Separate checkpoints for high-speed rail link “completely infeasible”
– CY Leung dismissed comments suggesting that separate checkpoints should be adopted for the high-speed rail link in early stage, saying that the proposal was “completely infeasible” since many mainland cities that have high-speed rail link connection are not equipped with checkpoint facilities in their stations

Lawmakers to debate copyright bill as police seek bin blast suspects
– Netizen group Keyboard Frontline will hold a rally with a target of 10,000 gathering outside the LegCo Complex as lawmakers will have another chance to debate second reading of the copyright amendment bill, dubbed ‘internet Article 23’ after the LegCo meeting was adjourned last Wednesday
– Police, meanwhile, reportedly identified a group of people who called themselves ‘black bloc’ who were said to be behind last Wednesday’s rubbish bin explosion that alarmed the LegCo

Government reveals Tung Chung development plans
– The government submitted a document to LegCo revealing its Tung Chung New Town extension (ch) plans
– Under the plans, 49,000 new flats will be built with an estimate of 144,000 population inflow by 2030 when the whole extension project is completed
– Around 130 hectares of land will be reclaimed in Tung Chung East while a designated area along the Tung Chung River will become Hong Kong’s first riverside country park
– The Development Bureau will seek HKD720m from the LegCo for preparation works of the extension projects

Catholic Monitors name two ‘laziest’ pan-dem lawmakers
– A research, conducted annually by watchdog group Catholic Monitors on Legislative Councillors, shows that ‘superseat’ democrats Albert Ho and James To joined the usual pro-est names as the laziest lawmakers in the last legislative session
– The duo did not move any motion nor amendment to others’ motions for the entire 2014-2015 session
– Ho blamed his more radical pan-dem colleagues’ filibustering for leaving him no time to take action

Politics (General)

Electricity bill to cut by 1%
– CLP and Hongkong Electric announced their first cut in electricity bill since 2008, with the average net tariff rates for next year to be reduced by 0.9% and 1.1% respectively
– Several lawmakers, including Lee Cheuk-yan of Labour Party, Sin Chung-kai of Democrat Party, and Kwok Ka-ki of Civic Party slammed the power companies for the negligible reductions despite saving a total of HKD4.37bn of energy costs

Youngspiration plans to field three teams in next year’s LegCo elections
– Localist group Youngspiration (ch) is planning to field candidates to run in next year’s LegCo elections, with Kowloon West, New Territories West and Hong Kong Island as their target constituencies
– The group’s convenor Baggio Leung said they are considering fielding their best card, Yau Wai-ching, in Kowloon West, meaning that Yau will likely take on Priscilla Leung of BPA again after the district council elections