Reportage: Spouses of diplomats show love for HK children and families

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The Consular Corps in Hong Kong brings spouses of diplomats together to show support for the city’s children protection and social development. (Coverage and photos by Dynamic Network Alliances Ltd.)


Diplomats in Hong Kong have always been active in supporting the city’s social development, and their partners are not far behind either.

The Consular Corps organised a charity event for spouses of diplomats in Hong Kong on December 10, 2015. Consuls General, Honorary Consuls General and their families were joined by the ‘first lady’ Mrs Regina Leung at the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute to promote children parenting and education and raise money for the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, a charity organisation for the city’s kids in need which its works could be traced back to the 1920s.

A ballet dance performance was presented by the Hong Kong Youth Ballet at the event.

The Consular Corps in Hong Kong is constituted of 61 Consulates General, 60 Consulates and 6 officially recognised bodies.