Politics 2015: Localism, HKU and CDNIS, a mysterious death unresolved.

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Business & Economy

Not the best year for business, but certainly no lack of excitement through the debates on innovations such as Bitcoin, vaping and, in particular, Uber. Will Hong Kong be a centre for innovation or put its regulatory finger in the dike against the future?


Uber and the Sharing Economy: The policy, the law and the perception

The Truth on Uber: Is the government trying to kill Uber? Are you insured when taking an Uber car? Are the people of Hong Kong behind or against Uber? HT answer your questions.


Hong Kong missing the Bitcoin boat to riches

Blockchain and Bitcoin: Hong Kong can win, but must get religion, says acolyte James Bang.


E-smoke and mirrors: The debate on e-cigarettes’ HK future

Hong Kong may move to ban e-cigarettes. Advocates claim it is the best alternative to reduce harm from smoking. Opponents claim the unknown makes it worth banning outright.


Harbour View: FATCA Me? No, FATCA you!

After years of commentary on FATCA from a distance, this writer got a little taste of it up close. It left a very unpleasant aftertaste and is taking a long time to go down. FATCA is bad for America.


Renewable Energy in Hong Kong: Worth it or not?

Cheap, clean, politically palatable and rock-solid stable. We want it all when it comes to energy.  Hong Kong faces hard choices.