Politics 2015: Localism, HKU and CDNIS, a mysterious death unresolved.

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Society & Education

The fight for institutional autonomy in Hong Kong’s universities continues, as does the fight for justice in CDNIS. And a crucial video that could reveal the cause of death of a rising young football remains hidden behind bureaucratic obstruction.


Opinion: Crisis Confusion

It’s time the HKU Council took responsibility for poor reputation management.


Mortal Blow: HKU’s reputation takes a hit with UK students, profs

Disputes, political interference, civil disobedience, academic freedom. The academic reputation of HKU abroad matters both to students and professors. In Britain, source of students and academics, the question is if the reputational hit is a mortal blow or just a flesh wound.


Arc of Tragedy: A young blind football star’s life ends in mystery

The tragic death of Hong Kong’s first blind goal scorer in international play after a football tournament was followed by a series of bizarre behaviour from the organisers. Justice seems remote.


New chairman launches reign of terror at CDNIS

Days after new Chairman Godwin Hwa was installed, Canadian International School fires 10 teachers—9 go—as the school moves to purge teachers as they remake school. Some say not for the better.


Disenfranchised: Education for non-Chinese-speaking children in Hong Kong

A real ‘World City’ values cultural diversity. Xaviera Artaza asks if Hong Kong fits the bill.