Politics 2015: Localism, HKU and CDNIS, a mysterious death unresolved.

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A now settled drama, the short-lived blacklisting of Hong Kong by the EU will surely force the government to step up CDTA negotiations with foreign jurisdictions. And with the FTA with ASEAN now taking shape, Malaysia’s first man in Hong Kong shares his view on the HK-Malaysian relationship. Not to mention Graf Lambsdorff’s candid words at the German 25th reunification reception.


Harbour View: PIGS and Minnows

Hong Kong’s prudent governance may be what got it on a EU blacklist. The countries accusing Hong Kong may be unfamiliar with smart governance and  the low taxes it enables – they may never have seen it before at home.


Diplomat Royale: Tengku Sirajuzzaman of Malaysia

Tengku Sirajuzzaman is Malaysia’s main man in Hong Kong. His perspective on protests and ASEAN.


Reportage:Graf Lambsdorff and Carrie Lam break roles at German 25th Reunification

This was no normal National Day celebration. Both Graf Lambsdorff and Carrie Lam surprised everyone at the 25th anniversary of German reunification.