Harbour Crossings January 08

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First ever green group head from Disciplinary Forces; Pan-dem figure leaves Airport Authority.


Former Police Assistant Commissioner tapped as CEO of WWF Hong Kong

Sometimes you don’t have to be a standout conservationist when leading a green group. Former Assistant Commissioner of Police (Information Systems) Peter Cornthwaite’s recent appointment as the CEO of WWF Hong Kong may be one of these cases.

Cornthwaite, who is now on pre-retirement leave from the force, was tapped to replace Adam Koo (顧志翔) upon the latter’s sudden resignation last month.

Cornthwaite joined the force in 1980, with more than 34 years of services in areas of human resources and information systems before being promoted to the assistant commissioner rank.

Upon commencement, Cornthwaite will become the first ever person from the Disciplinary Forces to take key post in a green group.


Airport Authority announcement: pro-est in, pan-dem out

The government appointed Steven Ho Chun-yin (何俊賢) as a member of the Airport Authority (AA) for a term two years from January 1, 2016.

Ho is a DAB legislator representing the Agriculture and Fisheries constituency.

The appointment was made together with the resignation of democrat Albert Ho (何俊仁) and Steven Ho’s colleague Chan Kam-lam (陳鑑林) from the AA.