Emigre: New cowboy in town – Ron Hoffman

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Ron Hoffman is the new representative for the Western Canadian province of Alberta, responsible for promoting inbound investment to the province that is about much more than oil and cattle. With 9 offices across the region under his supervision, he will build partnerships and help Alberta companies develop connections across the continent.

His successful track record as a Canadian diplomat should serve him well. He saw action as Canada’s Ambassador to Afghanistan during the height of Canada’s military, diplomatic and development deployment. He has also served as Ambassador to Thailand, with cross-accreditation to Burma, Cambodia and Laos, and also worked in Beijing. London, Johannesburg, Amsterdam and, of course, Ottawa, are all on his lengthy CV.

Prior to joining the Government of Alberta, Ron was the Canadian Foreign Ministry’s Director General for Strategic Policy. He has served on Advisory Boards and Leadership Councils and lectures regularly on foreign policy and international affairs.

Emigre welcomes the new head of Asia for Alberta, Ron Hoffman.