Harbour Crossings January 15

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CY Leung’s assistant media director was so overwhelmed by the former’s transcending power that he is moving to Geneva. 


Lesson 101: Keep a poker face

Anson Lai Yat-ching (黎日正), assistant media director of the Chief Executive’s Office, was appointed to a new post in the Hong Kong ETO in Geneva, Switzerland.

We all know Administrative Officers change their postings on a regular basis, but the period in between appointments tend to be two to three years. Lai was named assistant media director in late 2014 – less than one and a half years ago.

Lai was once a hot topic among netizens when CY Leung made his ‘transcendent’ statement in September last year. In a video clip, Lai was standing just behind Leung, raising his eyebrows and moving his head backward when Leung spoke out the word. IT was a hit with netizens, not so much for CY Leung.

Principal Assistant Secretary Edward Yu Kin Keung (余健強), who oversees wine trading under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, will take up the vacancy. Good luck, Edward – and make sure you have a poker face.


Sports commissioner

Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs Yeung Tak-keung was named as the new commissioner for sports.

The appointment was made simultaneously as CY Leung announced the opening of the post in the 2016 policy address. It should be noted that this is not a personnel change but a change in the job’s nature. In other words, there is no replacement for Yeung as it was the deputy secretary for home affairs position that was restructured.


Big name to lead in tough time

Quick note: Former president of the Hong Kong American Chamber of Commerce Steve Marcopoto had been appointed as president of Time Inc. International. Not the best timing to assume the post though as the company went through a tough year of net losses and layoffs are expected.