Harbour Crossings January 22

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Quality Education Fund Steering Committee gets new members and new task; Carrie Lam to leave office in 2017; Tsai Ing-wen’s presidency and its impact on HK.


Four new members appointed to the Quality Education Fund Steering Committee with new priority

The Government appointed four new members to the Quality Education Fund Steering Committee. They are Principal of Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College Mr Chan Chi-wai (陳志維), Coordinator for Pre-school Education of the Salvation Army Ms Ng Yin-kam (吳燕琴), BUHK Associate Professor (Institutional Advancement and Partnership) Dr Odalia Wong Ming-hung (黃何明雄) who specialises on ageing society, and Vice President (Institutional Advancement and Partnership) of PolyU Professor Angelina Yuen Tsang Woon-ki (阮曾媛琪).

The Government also re-appointed Mr Duffy Wong Chun-nam (黃鎮南) as chairman of the committee for another two-year term, alongside three other incumbent members.

In the recent policy address, CY Leung assigned a new priority theme to the committee to “encourage students to learn more about the Belt and Road Initiative and have more exchanges with the relevant regions”.

Carrie Lam will leave the government in 2017

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said she will not stay in the Government for another term and will not seek the post of Chief Executive. Lam is the latest political heavyweight who revealed his/her plan to retire from the establishment. That being said, a politician’s promise in most cases is not something one would like to bet on. Read our report here.

Strait Crossings: Tsai Ing-wen as Taiwan’s first female president

DPP’s Tsai Ing-wen became the first female president in Taiwan history – and indeed in the whole Chinese-speaking communities across the globe – in a convincing victory against the nationalist Eric Chu. You can find our pre-election analysis here. More to come. Inside intel available to paying subscribers.